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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Watch the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

Aloha Hawaii snorkelers, scuba divers and Hawaiian Sea life lovers,
We are certain you all enjoyed Lisa's 'Dolphins' in Hawaii' story. Dolphins, Humpback whales and the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle are on top of our Hawaii visitors' list when exploring ocean life in Hawaii. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle gets many oohs and aahs when discovered basking in the sun for a nap or some rest from all its swimming. No need to get in a scuba diver's suit or put your goggles on. Of course, watching the Hawaii Green Sea Turtle in its element, the ocean, gracefully swimming and floating around, puts an extra thrill to your Hawaii vacation.

Watching Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle on Puako Beach Big Island
When encountering Hawaii Green Sea Turtles in the ocean, divers need to pay special attention to what they are not supposed to do. Bobbie from 'The Right Blue' blog had written about 'Tips for watching Sea Turtles in Hawaii' for our blog visitors. Those Hawaii diving tips are still the same valid right now. If you plan on going diving on your next Hawaii vacation, it's some useful advise which helps to protect our ocean life for many years to come.

Our today's post belongs to 'Best Hawaii Youtube Video' category. Enjoy this Hawaii video from JournOwl.com about the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. Watch a green sea turtle swim gracefully over a coral reef in Maui.

Aren't those turtles in Hawaii a good reason to bring snorkel gear for a snorkel adventure in Hawaii? Ask locals where there is a good spot to see the green sea turtles and where it's safe to snorkel. Have fun snorkeling and watching the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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