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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ebay gift shopping for relatives in Australia

The pretty vintage tin I bought for my Sydney-dwelling sister-in-law on Ebay
If you've got friends or relatives abroad - especially in Australia, as I have - you'll relate to the pain I have finding presents for them. Amazon doesn't generally reach that far and - surprisingly - while some of the city's best shops have great websites, loads have no online shopping facility. What a wasted opportunity - don't they realise how many ex-pat Poms need presents?

You can of course buy stuff here and post it - but it's limiting: I have often wound up spending more on postage than giftage. Fortunately, my Aussie sisters-in-law have good taste in the interiors department and I hope (though perhaps they're just being polite) like a nice homey present. But after trawling vintage stores, design boutiques and kitchenalia emporiums in Sydney - and being thwarted by their semi-active web presences, I remembered Ebay Australia. Eureka!

So far I've bought new-old French linen tea-towels for one birthday, though due to minimal package documentation it caused great confusion, arriving, so it seemed, from a mystery gifter. So yesterday I was delighted to chance upon Adeline Country Cottage, run by a Melbournite called Kirstie, who sells pretty, pre-loved vintage homey bits and pieces (I bought a sweet rose-printed storage tin, above top). But the best bit? Stylish gift-wrapping (including a label, see above) is included. What a service! If only everyone else in the business would catch on... even without the lovely wrapping. Until then I'll probably keep Adeline well bookmarked. Thanks Kirstie!

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