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Friday, August 13, 2010

Learn more about Hawaiian culture

Dear Hawaii lovers,
Did you ever wonder when lying on Hawaii's white sand beaches or enjoying some spectacular hiking that it would be fun and at the same time a wonderful mahalo to the Hawaiian people by learning more about their culture and history? Our Best Hawaii vacation blog makes it a mission to spread the word about ancient Hawaii tradition and what needs to be done to keep the Hawaiian culture and language alive for next generations to come.

Conch shell blowing is part of Hawaiian cultureHere is a great opportunity for Big Island visitors who currently spend their Hawaii vacation on the Kona Kohala Coast. This weekend on August 14 + 15 Establishment Day, a true Hawaiian Festival, is celebrated. It is held in Kawaihae on the Kohala Coast near the beach below Pu'ukohola Heiau. The public is invited to participate in the cultural demonstrations and workshop activities in Pelekane (royal courtyard) with only one stipulation: that each visitor learns at least one craft before leaving the area to help preserve a part of the Hawaiian culture.

I had learned many years ago how to make a lidded 'umeke' bowl from a gourd. Our Hawaiian teacher helped us a lot, yet we all were very proud walking home with our own Hawaiian umeke bowl decorated with a beautiful hibiscus flower and Hawaiian images of our choice on the outside of the Umeke. We also learned that when their was an argument in the family, the Hawaiians would put the lid on the bowl in order to catch the bad spirit inside till peace had returned to the home.

New building at Kawaihae heiau with Hawaiian culture displays
There will be lots of Hawaiian arts and craft workshops and demonstrations available from 11am-3pm. There will be Hawaiian canoe rides and much more. Local musicians will play songs of Hawaii. This will be fun for the entire family. So pack some lunch and take lots of water and learn more about the Hawaiian people and their culture. I am sure you will be going home with great memories and some hand made Hawaiian art of your own. Wear a hat and some comfy clothes and don't forget the sunscreen.

Entrance sign to Pu'ukohola Heiau
What is a Hawaiian heiau?
By the way, the Pu'ukohola Heiau is located about a mile south of Kawaihae on the Kohala Coast. If you have more questions, you may call (808) 882-7218 for more info. Last but not least, Spencer Beach Park with shade supplying trees is just around the corner. A dip in the cool refreshing ocean waters will be a nice reward for your efforts of making your own Hawaiian art piece. What a wonderful Hawaiian gift to bring home from the Aloha State!

We love to to hear about your encounters with Hawaiian culture, art, traditions and festivals. Mahalo from Pua Hawaii Vacations

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