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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Vacation in Hawaii - Happy Easter!

Happy Easter
to all our Hawaii blog visitors, the ones on the Mainland, still dreaming of their Hawaii vacation, and the lucky ones who are enjoying their Maitai on a warm white sand beach on the Hawaiian Islands right now! Easter is the next big holiday in Hawaii after Christmas and New Year's, when Hawaii hotels are having 100% occupancy. Having an Easter vacation in Hawaii means you belong to the privileged folks who were able to get away for a week from the cold or rainy weather on the Mainland. As we all know, spring has not delivered the warm sunny weather everywhere yet.

It's my Easter Vacation in Hawaii
When you are staying at one of our our big Hawaii beach resorts, you will be offered an excellent Easter brunch at a restaurant location where you can overlook the ocean. In most cases a group of Hawaiian musicians is playing some lovely soothing Hawaiian tunes to entertain you. You might be even lucky to have a hula dancer for your Easter brunch. If not, you will be able to watch the lovely hula dancer at sunset when you are enjoying a tropical drink and some Hawaiian appetizers. Who can resist the charm of the Hawaiian music and hula dancer? This is your Hawaii Easter vacation at its best!

If you brought your kids, get ready for the Sunday morning Easter Egg hunt at your hotel. You'd better line up early. If you have little ones, make sure that they manage to find something. Hotels have now learned that they need to allow the little kids to be in the front for the Easter egg hunt. Otherwise, they can't compete against the 12-year olds. Well, if against all odds, your kid is not lucky, best to have some Easter eggs or bunnies with you to prevent tears. After all, everybody is supposed to have fun at Easter in Hawaii.

Here is my last recommendation for those who did not make it to Hawaii for Easter and wonder when is the best time to visit Hawaii and the cheapest. Believe me it's NOW! April guarantees you the cheapest vacation in Hawaii, with cheap Hawaii air fares, car rentals and Hawaii hotel rooms or vacation rentals. Why is April the cheapest month for Hawaii vacation? Who knows for sure! My personal explanation from many years of running our own Kohala Coast vacation rentals: April is tax month!

Well, it's not any different this year April 2008. There are high quality Kohala Coast vacation rentals at premier location on the Kona and Kohala Coast available at low season rates from the owners. If you did not join the 'Win a Free Hawaii Vacation' lottery, here is a better chance to save money on you Hawaii vacation. Stay tuned for our next Hawaii blog post. We will show you Hawaii vacation rentals, which offer a special rate for April 2008. Happy Easter!
Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations
Toshua from WahineStyle is our today's post girl.

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