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Monday, March 3, 2008

Where to buy fresh fruits in Hawaii?

Strawberry papayas at Maui Farmers MarketAloha and welcome back,
Let's forget about the resort fees charged by fancy Hawaii hotels and enjoy what Hawaii and its people have to offer to its tourists, besides white sand beaches, sunny weather all year round and lots of aloha by the Hawaiian people. When on our Hawaii vacation, we don't only love the Hawaiian music and the beautiful Hawaiian hula dancers, we love the many different tastes of fresh tropical fruits, which seem to melt on our tongue and awaken our spirits with delicate flavors we have long forgotten. Jennifer, our Hawaii photographer for the Monday 'Hawaii photo of the week', submitted a few photos for today's photo post. Mahalo, Jennifer!

So, where can we buy those treats of sweet tropical fruits when in Hawaii? Well, forget the grocery stores or big markets. Yes, they have a selection of tropical fruits but they are sold at high prices plus are not as fresh as when you buy it right from the source, at the old fashioned Hawaiian Farmers Market! No matter on which Hawaiian Island you spend your vacation, just make sure that you check where and when the local farmers markets are located. Some are so big that they are even open daily as the Hilo Farmers Market (biggest number of fresh fruits on Wed + Sat!), others rotate the location on the island as the Kauai Farmer's Market does.

Kapiolani Farmers Market on Oahu
Visiting a Hawaii Farmers Market is a special experience on your vacation, for your eyes and your taste buds. Here are a few recommendations from Best Hawaii Vacation blog:

1. Visit the Farmers Market early - freshest fruits, best selection, not so hot yet.
2. Don't stop at the first stand and buy immediately - there are so many more stands, which might offer better + cheaper fruits.
3. The best tropical fruits from the islands, which hardly ever make it to the Mainland, are the following (ask for those!):
Apple bananas (small but no other banana compares to it with its delicious taste.
Strawberry papayas. So many visitors tell us that they don't like papayas! This is because they never tasted Strawberry Papayas (red inside).
White pineapples. They look more white than the regular yellow pine-apple. You can't buy those on the Mainland. They are sweet, non-acidic and melt on your tongue.
4. Have you ever tried those exotic tropical fruits like lychee and rambutan? They look funny on the outside but are so yummie on the inside.
5. When you are once at the Farmer's market, check out other local goods vegetables, flowers, beef, fresh baked breads, tropical jams and jellies, honey, baked goods, Maui onions, macadamia nuts, coconuts and more.

OK let's make things easy for you to find the freshest tropical fruits and flowers on your Hawaii vacation. Let's get you connected to the Farmer's markets on the Hawaiian Islands:

For Oahu, read more about the Oahu Farmer's Market at Kapiolani or visit this Kapiolani site.

When visiting Kauai, this site lists all the Kauai farmer's markets.

Best of Maui displays Maui farmers markets Farmers Market Maui offers fresh produce, island fruits, baked goods, salsas, dip, and fresh flowers. Don’t miss this exciting event. Get the freshest produce at the best prices. Farmers Market Maui gives out many samples of the food. Popular items are Maui gold pineapple, apple bananas, strawberry papaya, banana bread, salsas, and guacamole. Find detailed Maui locations, days and opening hours for the Maui Farmers Market.

Big Island Farmers Market in HiloThe biggest Big island farmers market is in Hilo.The Hilo Farmers Market is a must-see experience when you are on your Big Island vacation. You will have to pass Hilo anyways when on your way to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Tropical fruits and flowers are sold by over 200 local farmers. It's already a show for the eye. Hawaiian arts and gifts are across the street from the fruit stands. They make wonderful gifts to take home from your Hawaii vacation. You can't miss the Hilo market when driving into Hilo on Kamehameha Avenue. Hilo's Farmer's Market is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays but you will find a few stands open during the rest of the week.

Let us know which Farmer's Market you ever visited on your Hawaii vacation and what you liked best there? Mahalo for sharing your experience about mingling with the crowds buying fresh produce from Hawaiian growers. Mahalo Pua

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