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Monday, June 2, 2008

Hawaii Coloring Book

Visiting Hawaii with your kids, whether in summer or on an even more special tropical vacation during the cold winter months, is probably one of the best family vacations you can have. Those fun vacations in Hawaii will be in your and your kids' memory for ever! We, Pua and Keoki, at Best Hawaii Vacations, continue including the 'keikis' ('children' in Hawaiian) in our Hawaii Vacation Tips. So, parents be aware what we have to say.

Most of the Hawaii hotels offer kids programs at affordable rates, which are great fun and educational for your kids. They include Hawaiian arts and crafts, sandcastle building, hula dancing, T-shirt painting, pool swims and beach treasure/scavenger hunts. T-shirt painting is a favorite for the older kids.

The Hawaii hotel activity programs are also a great way to slow the kids down and get them out of the sun for a few hours during the heat of the day. This can be sometimes very challenging. Which kid wants to go to their room when the big ocean and the pool are waiting for them?! Here is where we as parents have to be somewhat creative. It's amazing how many Hawaii activity books are available at the Hawaii hotels or any of the general stores. They are written matching all age groups, their skills and their preferences.

Best of all, these are books written for kids on Hawaii vacation. So, when it's time to get the kiddos out of the sun, get your magic Hawaii books out! The Hawaii coloring books are very popular among the keikis - coloring Hawaiian flowers is a favorite of the girls and connect the dots/numbers can be challenging for the boys when the numbers are higher. The boys love to hear about sharks and whales. Girls are more into hula, Hawaiian skirts and leis. Most of the Hawaii activity books include Hawaiian letter puzzles, where mom or dad might want to help a bit. Anyways, there are many Hawaii coloring books to choose from.

Hawaii Activity Book by Samantha ClarkRecently, I've come across a new Hawaii activity book which brings Hawaii to the children and is worthwhile for parents, who take their kids on a Hawaii vacation, to have a closer look at. It's 'Sir Newton's Color Me Hawai'i'. This Hawaii travel book by author Samantha Clark gets our kids' attention drawn to Hawaiian animals, culture (hula) and landscape (volcanoes) through easy-to-read-passages and fun Hawaii based coloring and activity pages.

Your kids will fall in love with a shaggy dog named Sir Newton which will be their Hawaii travel guide! Visit the Sir Newton Book website to learn more about this book and find out whether this book is right for your kids. I, myself, recommend it for children starting age 6.

I really like what Samantha has to say about her new book: "The Hawaiian Islands have so much beauty and history, from the wonderful tradition of lei making to the amazing monk seal. I know children will be as enchanted by the Hawaiian Islands as I am." Samantha will share the gift of Aloha with the Hawaii children! 10% of the sale of each book is donated to the children's program of the Rotary International District 5000 Hawai'i. Mahalo, Samantha, for your book and gracious donation to the children of Hawaii.

If you know of Hawaii activity books your kids loved a lot, please, share it here with our Best Hawaii Vacation blog visitors. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations Books
Dear parents, don't miss our post about the best way to start your Hawaii vacation! This is for you and not the keikis.

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