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Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to Save Money on Gas in Hawaii?

Hawaiian calendar girlAloha Hawaii travelers,
It's time to tackle something more important than shopping for a bikini or Aloha shirt in Hawaii. When dealing with Hawaii vacation on a daily basis, the last few months have shown that travel priorities shifted and questions like "Where can I get the lowest airfares to Hawaii?", "When is the cheapest month to travel to Hawaii", "Which car rental company in Hawaii offers the cheapest rental rates?" are dominating Hawaii travel forums and Hawaii blogs." Well, you get the picture!

We are all well aware that a Hawaii vacation was always kind of exclusive and special. Now it seems with more and more tourists shopping for the lowest and cheapest rates and fares, we feel like we need to jump start the Hawaii vacation 'engine' and come up with some money saving ideas especially when facing the rising gas prices on the Mainland and in Hawaii.

Before pulling some tricks from my hat, I'd still like to say this: To my mind, it's a misconception, that Hawaii gas prices are generally quoted as the highest in the nation. It all depends where you are on the island and where you fill your tank! However, what is a fact gas prices are higher this year than they were on your last Hawaii vacation. A few driving and strategic adjustments might be necessary to help you to save gas in Hawaii:

Of course, just as in the past the further the gas station is away from the harbor where the gas actually arrives on the Hawaii island, where you are vacationing on, the more money you pay.

7 Best tips for saving money on gas in Hawaii:

Get gas right in downtown in Hawaii cities (Honolulu, Kahalui, Lihue, Kona, Hilo).
Get gas at the cheapest gas stations, which are Costco gas stations and Aloha Gas Stations in Hawaii.
If you see cheaper gas, buy it now. The price of gas seems to go up daily. Buying often can save you money.
Plan your trips carefully. Combine your shopping for Hawaiian gifts, visiting galleries with grocery shopping and even nightly entertainment like watching hula dancers.
If you want to explore the entire Big Island of Hawaii, you might want to stay at more than one vacation rental to save gas on going back and forth long distances. Explore one area at a time!
When you stay at a Hawaii hotel, use free hotel shuttle service as often as you can, to shopping, to golf, spas etc.
Last but not least, use the Internet and research where to find the lowest gas prices on the Hawaii island where you stay. The following sites will hopefully help you locating the lowest gas prices for your vacation area:

Find lowest and highest gas prices at different Honolulu locations and from different gas companies at Honolulu Gas Prices.

Hawaii Gas Prices lists the lowest regular gas prices for all Hawaii between $4.04 and $4.23 over the last 72 hrs. (as of 6/12/08) with Aloha, Costco and Chevron having the cheapest offers. Highest gas prices for Hawaii over the last 72 hrs. (as of 16/12/08) are $4.53. These record gas prices are offered mostly by Shell gas stations and a few Chevron.

In addition, you may check the MotorTrend site where you can find the lowest gas prices in Hawaii according to island and county where you spend your Hawaii vacation:
Great to see that there a lot of useful resources available on the Internet for all Hawaii vacation issues, even 'where to find the lowest gas prices in Hawaii'. We are grateful! Feel free to leave a comment. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations
Our Hawaii post girl is Korri again. Much mahalo Kawika from WahineStyle. Your Hawaiian calendar girls are really beautiful and you did a great job photographing them!

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