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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vote for your favorite Hawaii Story!

Can anybody believe that another year has passed since our 1st Hawaii Blog Anniversary in July 2007! Well, time flies by when you are having fun, Keoki likes to say. Well, the full year is not over yet but it's time to reflect and prepare our blog birthday celebration. In this post, we are taking a few moments to recount what we have achieved during the past year of blogging about Hawaii and what we intend to do for celebration.

First of all, we'd like to say 'Mahalo' to all our Best Hawaii Vacation Blog visitors, to those who were dropping in to read up on a certain post, but more so to those who visited our blog regularly and even left comments when they felt they had something to contribute to our article. We are happy to name a few right here: Bobbie from The Right Blue, Charles from WaveShoppe and Evelyn from HomespunHonolulu. Thanks for having your steady support in our Hawaii MyBloglog family.

We also owe big thanks to our Best Hawaii Vacation guest authors, Hawaii bloggers or visitors, who shared their Hawaii stories. With their article contributions, our Hawaii blog became more entertaining by talking about Hawaii from a different perspective and with a different style. We definitely encourage everybody who is in love with Hawaii to join our guest authors. If you have a nice Hawaii story to tell - no specials skills required! - please, let us know. We will publish it with a short bio and link to your website.

OK let's get to the point celebrating our Hawaii blog birthday with all of you. Last time when celebrating our 1st Blog Birthday we did not ask for presents. On the opposite, we gave everybody, who left a comment, a link to their site with a short description what their Hawaii blog is all about. This time we decided to write our birthday invitation early, so all those busy bloggers or Hawaii site owners or Hawaii visitors have enough time to join the fun.

Hawaii and what we love about it. Join our Birthday bash and vote for the best Hawaii article.
How can you join our 2nd Best Hawaii Vacation Blog Birthday Bash?

It's very easy. You simply tell us which one of our Hawaii blog articles you like best. Finish the following sentence "My favorite article at Best Hawaii Vacation blog is ..."

What will you get?

Everybody who leaves a comment on this post or provides his vote for best article by email, will get a link on our Birthday Bash Post on July 27, 2008 (sorry no adult sites).

What will we get?

Hopefully we will get some good feedback which Hawaii stories our blog visitors liked best and want to hear more about in future blog posts.

Best way to find an interesting Hawaii blog story

With 165 posts and steadily growing, the best way to find an article you want to vote for, is by cruising the Best Hawaii Vacation Categories towards the bottom of right side bar. Find what Hawaii category is your favorite, click it and choose from a number of choices there. Our Best Hawaii Articles in the top is an option as well.

Vote for your favorite Hawaii Article by leaving a comment

Easiest way to submit your vote is to leave a comment right here on this post. Make sure not to sign in with Google but with name/URL (don't forget http://). With that method you actually double your chances to increase traffic to your blog or site. However, if you don't know how to leave a comment, send us an email and we will add your vote for you. Make sure to include your site or blog URL.

Let the fun begin and choose your favorite Hawaii story at Best Hawaii Vacation blog today. Don't forget to check your link on our Birthday Blog Post 7/27/08!

Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations Summer Deals
It was a tough decision this time which of the beautiful Hawaiian girls from WahineStyle
we wanted to have as our special Hawaii birthday girl. We chose Kahiau on the beach. What do you think?

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