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Saturday, May 23, 2009

3 Reasons to Visit Hawaii this Summer

Everybody around the globe and in Hawaii is talking about the Economic Slowdown. We even offer Keoki's Hawaii Stretch DVD at an 'Economic Slowdown' price for $18.50. Everybody has become very considerate about how and when to spend money. People start to cut back their expenses with anything that does not seem necessary or important like a vacation in Hawaii. Visiting Hawaii this summer has become for them a dream for the future, unless they win a free trip to Hawaii.

Hapuna Beach from Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel
Who'd actually believe that there is actually no better time than this summer to book a trip to Hawaii instead of spending the money on traveling the Mainland. Here is what Best Hawaii Vacation blog editors, Pua + Keoki, think why it is a good time to visit Hawaii this summer.

3 Reasons to Visit Hawaii this summer

1. Air fares to Hawaii are at bargain prices this summer

At least when we compare the fares to ticket prices to Hawaii in the past few years. The economic slowdown forces the Hawaii carriers to come up with unbelievable low RT fares to Hawaii for this summer. This applies to Interisland ticket prices too. Just remember that about 9 mos. ago a one-way Hawaii Interisland ticket was about $150, when one did not fly in the very early morning or late at night. Today, a round-trip ticket with IflyGo from Honolulu, Oahu to Kona, Big Island is $48! With those low Interisland rates, Hawaii island hopping has become very popular again. Most of our Hawaii visitors currently visit two Hawaiian islands on Hawaii vacation.

2. Hawaii Vacation Rental hosts consider your best offer

Why shouldn't they? It's all about bookings for their vacation homes in Hawaii. They have mortgages or monthly payments for their cars to pay, school tuition and more. Smart vacation rental owners will consider your offer. Advice from us: Be reasonable with your offer and consider what you already get for free - compared to a stay at a Hawaii hotel. Don't forget electricity costs for AC and hot water in Hawaii is one of the highest in the nation.

Be aware that Hawaii beach rental owners are used to charging high rates (and always got those in the past) and are not always willing to come down with their rates. Hawaii rentals within 10 - 15 min. drive to beaches are more willing to make special offers this summer. Mostly those rentals are at a higher elevation, which allows you a comfortable sleep in the cooler air esp. during summer vacation.

3. Hawaii Vacation Effect - Priceless!

Is it the beach, the endless ocean, the swaying palm trees, the Maitai or the pretty hula dancer which makes the Hawaii vacation one of the most relaxing and recuperating of vacation destinations around the world? Who knows! But ask anybody who visited Hawaii and can compare his Hawaii vacation with other destinations, in most cases, Hawaii vacation memories don't fade. On the contrary, Hawaii and Hawaii vacation memories become more vivid with the number of passing years and 'haunt' you till you go back to Hawaii. Visit Hawaii this summer and come back as a new 'You', ready to take on the world!

As usual, we'd love to hear from you with more reasons why to visit Hawaii this summer. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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