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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Healing Power of Noni

Best Hawaii Vacation blog recently joined Twitter and reported positive response especially by Hawaii related 'Twitters'. Our Hawaii Twitter community is growing daily. When reading Hawaii tweets, we occasionally re-tweet a few we find useful for our Hawaii blog visitors. You will see an RT and the link to the Hawaii twitter which wrote the tweet. Our own tweets focus on current Hawaii vacation tips.

OK then let's switch from the magic power of Twitter to the healing power of 'Noni'. Most Hawaii visitors get to know Noni just by accident when walking around an ancient Hawaiian fish pond or older gardens. The Noni fruit does not really get your attention by its appearance. It is the strong smell which makes the Hawaii visitor wonder where it comes from and look up at the green Noni fruits in the trees. The green fruits don't really have a strong smell. It's the Noni fruits lying on the ground which make you want to run away from these Noni trees as fast as you can.

Noni fruit tree

The big surprise comes when asking Hawaiian residents about those fruits and why anybody would want to grow a fruit which smells so disgusting, most visitors hear for the first time about the healing power of Noni. Noni is known among Hawaiian healers for its tremendous healing power.

Hawaiian healers (kahunas) used and still use the Noni fruits for healing all kinds of diseases. Noni fruit is said to be one of the best possible supplements you can take to help get rid of toxins by increasing enzyme activity, boost your immune system and protect your liver which is essential for good health.

When you consider Noni juice as a supplement or you want to fight a chronic disease, you want to get the most comprehensive information about Noni before you start taking it. The website of HealingNoni.com, which came up in search results for Noni, seemed just to do that, plus it talked about the benefits of organic Noni from the Big Island of Hawaii.

Best of all would be if you talked to a Hawaiian kahuna (healer) whether Noni is right for your specific problems. Noni is not right for everybody and everything. When I had stomach problems some 15 yrs. ago, I started taking Noni but problems got worse. Papa Awai, one of the most popular Big Island healers told me that Noni was not right for me and helped me with a different Hawaiian remedy.

As usual, we invite our Hawaii blog readers to share with us their experience with the healing power of Noni. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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