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Monday, March 22, 2010

How to find Peace on Hawaii vacation?

Dear Hawaii vacation lovers,
When dealing with Best Hawaii vacation, we occasionally encounter Hawaii visitors asking us where the non-touristy places in Hawaii are. They tell us they are looking for hidden beaches or Hawaii vacation rentals away from the tourists and the big crowds. Just a few thoughts from us regards non touristy places in Hawaii.

How to find peace on Hawaii vacation?

Hawaii has changed a lot, even more so within the last 10 - 15 year. I love to listen to the stories my husband tells me about the Big Island when he came there over 35 years ago: there was only one highway on the island, there was only one 5-star hotel, Mauna Kea Beach Hotel built by Rockefeller in 1965, most of those white sand beaches on the Kohala Coast were still hard to reach and imagine, there was not one traffic light between Hilo and Kona!

Peaceful Puako sun set on beach
As you know this has all changed big time. Once the beauty and warm climate of the Hawaiian islands were discovered, naturally everybody wanted and wants to experience it! Resorts and golf courses got 'dug out' of the lava fields, palm trees planted and ocean front 5-star hotels with access beach access built. Hawaii's infrastructure is still lagging a bit behind those latest townhouses and condominium subdivisions developed during the Hawaii building boom during 2000 - 2005.

I always have a hard time to accept all the changes at one of the most beautiful resorts, Mauna Lani Beach Resort, when visiting there. Hotels like 'Mauna Lani Beach Hotel & Bungalows' and 'Fairmont Orchid at Mauna Lani' are not easy to spot anymore with all the new condominium and townhouse structures developed around them. I appreciate that Big Island builders at least stayed away from those high rise condo buildings as visitors can find in Honolulu. Well, as Keoki says 'The only constant in life is change!'. This is not any different for the Hawaiian Islands. One cannot go back in time.

Here is the good news. There are still a few secret beaches which are not well known to tourists but mostly it's the ones which are hard to get to. The majority of Hawaii visitors prefer a short walk to the beach from parking lot. So these hard to access beaches and coves still provide the non-touristy visitors with peace, tranquility and serenity they are looking for on their Hawaii visit. Please, be aware that you might not be by yourselves on weekends when Hawaiians love to go camping on those beaches.

Quite a number of locals, Hawaiians and Haoles (white people), do still camp on the beach, play their ukuleles and BBQ. These people know each other well and don't advertise their 'beach party'. You definitely need to know somebody in order to be part of it.

Unfortunately, non-touristy Hawaii visitors' wishes of rain forest and waterfalls being close to white sand beaches do not match how 'Mother Nature' developed the islands. It's either or. There are spectacular waterfalls in Hawaii but a lot of the times it will take you long walks (or a long kayak tour like on Kauai) to reach those but already the walk, hike or kayaking is an experience by itself. Try it and you will love it!

If you really want to spend your Hawaii vacation away from people and resorts, try Upcountry Maui or Upcountry Big Island. It's beautiful ranch land with rolling hills, cows and horses. You may find a private cottage overlooking the mountains and the coastal regions. There is always Molokai being the least developed island in regards to tourists and resorts but this also means it's a little harder to get to and a simpler life with less shopping available.

Peaceful beach setting on Molokai
Hoping this gives the non-touristy visitor, who is in search for peace and tranquility on Hawaii vacation, a better understanding of the Hawaiian Islands TODAY. Have a peaceful Hawaii vacation! Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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