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Monday, March 22, 2010

Interior Decorators Ideas

Modern Interior Decorators

Interior Decorators focus on making a space aesthetically pleasing by choosing out coordinating surface materials. Interior decorators concentrate on color schemes, furniture, paint, wallpaper, window coverings, fabrics, flooring, carpeting, basic lighting, and art. An Interior Decorator reviews and measures spaces, prepares room layout proposals, obtains cost estimates, presents samples to clients, arranges and oversees painting, wallpapering, flooring Interior Decorating
Luxury Interior decorators

Interior Decorators

Many people are not aware that there is a difference between the two. However, as one can see, a designer is much more educated and knowledgeable about more topics than many decorators are. To call a designer a decorator is an insult to their education, and experience. Many interior designers are trying to change their title to Interior Architect for this reason.Modern Interior Design Decoration
Interior Decorating Ideas

Interior Decorators

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