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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Wonderfull Mountain of Matterhorn

The Wonderfull Mountain of Matterhorn

Mount Matterhorn is a mountain located in Switzerland and has a pyramid shape whose four sides facing the four cardinal directions. Sequentially North and East facing the East Valley and Gornegrat in Switzerland. The southern part of Breuil-Cervinia, and overlooking the western part menghgadap Dent D'Herens. the north and south and then meet in puncak.Matterhorn has a height of 4.478 meters above sea level (14.692 ft)
Matterhorn, but now can be enjoyed by using the rails that have been built. some areas that have facilities that include Unterrothron and Klein Matterhorn (3.883 m). The Hornli Hut (3.260 m), which starts from the normal route through, is the easiest access from pendaki.Konon Schwarzsee and is often used, stood at the top of the Matterhorn will be able to see at least 38 of about 200 mountain peaks in the Alps that are in the area borders five countries, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany and Italy. Presumably, these various advantages, which make the Matterhorn became the most popular mountain in Switzerland.

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