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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Frye

Dear Frye ,

My love for your boots is no secret. I think you are great but I do have one problem. Over the years I have ordered a few pairs of different cuff boots from you. For example, last week I ordered these...I love them, I wish they could be mine. But they can't. You see, if you are... oh say 5'2", then all cuff styles always hit at an awkward spot, right in the middle of the knee cap.
I tried to ignore this little issue but really it looks a little off and rubs your knee constantly while walking. I tried (many times over the years) to fold down the cuff more but it never works. So I am giving up. Maybe next years cuff can be 1.5" shorter? I am just saying.....

*For those of you who asked, I did love them and do recommend them to those without vertical issues. Also Zappos has them on sale right now (to add insult to injury).

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