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Monday, January 14, 2008

Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Wedding ceremony on OahuMonday 'Hawaii Photo of the week' is here. What about this great Hawaii wedding photo by Jennifer Crites, Best Hawaii Vacation blog's favorite Hawaii photographer for showing you Hawaii with photos. Jennifer is a also a well-known Hawaii travel writer, whose publications appeared in many Hawaii publications and international travel magazines. We are so happy to have her on board of our Hawaii blog for taking care of the Hawaii photo assignments. So let's introduce Jennifer and her Hawaii photography a bit more today.

Your wedding will be the most special day of your life. When it’s over, once you’ve walked down the aisle - or better walked down the path to the beach, as Keoki and I did - in your special wedding dress and beautiful flower leis, thrown your bouquet, and celebrated with family and friends who may have traveled long distances all the way to Hawaii to be with you, you’ll want your precious memories of that day to be preserved in professional photographs.

That’s when you’ll appreciate Jennifer’s photographic artistry and 20-plus years of experience photographing weddings in Hawaii. She knows the prettiest wedding locations in Hawaii, how to choose the most flattering light and the best ways to capture all the romance and excitement of your Hawaii wedding just as she’s done for hundreds of couples. She can also help you find Hawaiian flower lei arrangements, music, a minister and all the other wedding essentials. With Jennifer's expertise, you'll be able to share the unique experience and memories of your Hawaii wedding with family and friends. Memories are illusive. Bring them back to life in years to come with Jennifer's special wedding photos.

Hawaii is truly the most enchanted setting for your wedding day. The variety of beautiful locations is as endless as the beauty of the Hawaiian islands...from hidden waterfalls, to secluded tropical gardens or white sand beach sunsets. Paradise surrounds you as you exchange your vows amidst a tropical setting.

We won't ever forget the moment when our minister made our family and friends form a circle with us in the middle. After we did our vows - honestly they were not even prepared - everybody joined with all the good wishes they had for us and our ever-growing love. The sun was setting on the beach and the trade winds picked up a little more. It was a mesmerizing moment, we all got caught in. It must have done its magic. We just celebrated our 16th anniversary of love!

Here are a few Hawaii wedding links we came across with our search for Hawaii weddings: Maui wedding with nice photos You can find lots of information for your Maui wedding on the site of Maui Wedding Association from wedding coordinators to catering services, photography, music, wedding flower arrangements and more. Sweet Hawaii Wedding offers unique ceremony arrangements for Oahu. Kauai Wedding Pro is a great directory for Kauai wedding needs from musicians to florists, photographers, wedding cakes etc.

Hope this helps you get started planning your Hawaii wedding. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations
Not to forget, Hawaii Wedding photo by Jennifer Crites shows a wedding ceremony at Waimea Falls on Oahu.

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