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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Best Hawaii Books

When making up our Hawaii blog about Best Hawaii Vacation, we told our blog visitors, that our blogging goal is to provide Hawaii visitors with insider feedback about how to best prepare and spend their Hawaii vacation. Let's just do that with this post.

Nobody doubts anymore that the Internet has become for most people their first #1 choice for finding answers for their top questions when planning their Hawaii vacation:
Which Hawaii Island to visit?
When is the best weather in Hawaii?
What to do in Hawaii?
Where to stay in Hawaii - Vacation Rental or Hawaii Hotel?
Where are the best Hawaii beaches?

Of course, there is a big number of tourists to Hawaii who doesn't care so much about individual Hawaii island information. They 'just' want to spend a vacation in Hawaii and go straightforward to Hawaii Vacation Packages Travelocity, Hawaii Vacation Deals Expedia or Orbitz. Still involves searching according to the budget you are on but eliminates making too many other choices.

You next choice is probably a local travel agent who has all the Hawaii travel information at hand. You tell him your travel dates and what you want to spend for your Hawaii Vacation and he or she puts a package together for you. You won't know whether the travel agent did a good job until you are right in Hawaii enjoying your vacation or wishing you never started this trip.

For all those, who arrange their Hawaii vacation on their own, here is our suggestion...plan your trip as early as possible by reading as many Hawaii Guide books as you can. We already spend too many hours in front of computers. How about reading a book about Hawaii instead? Now imagine sitting with your Hawaii guide book in front of your fireplace in Montana...reading about tropical Paradise and your Hawaii vacation! Doesn't that sound much more relaxing and fun? And you won't get square eyes or a headache.

All the local libraries offer a nice collection of Hawaii books from Guide books to novels. When you have found the island and the book of you choice, go order it and take it as your travel companion with you when exploring the Hawaii islands. Today we'd like to share with our Hawaii blog visitors our favorite Hawaii books for planning your best Hawaii vacation:

Frommer's Hawaii 2008 by Jeanette Foster

Plan your Hawaii vacation with Frommer's Hawaii 2008Our top favorite Hawaii Guide Book is 'Frommer's Hawaii 2008' by Jeanette Foster. This book is perfect reading for all those who first want to get an idea about all the Hawaiian Islands. Jeanette offers a Hawaii vacation expert opinion with yet her own subjective aspects. Frommer's tells you about the geography and climate of each Hawaii island, accommodation reviews (from affordable vacation rentals to fancy 5-star Hawaii beach resorts), restaurants, best Hawaii activities on the island and so much more. When you read reader's reviews, you will notice that we are not the only people who love the Frommer's Hawaii 2008 book.

Hawaii Revealed Series
by Andrew Doughty

When you have once made your decision which Hawaiian Island to visit onHawaii Revealed books are great Hawaii travel companions. your Hawaii vacation, we definitely recommend the series of 'Hawaii Revealed' books for your trip planning. With all the Hawaii revealed books, take into perspective that these books reflect a personal opinion by the author when he was visiting a certain restaurant or vacation rental. Remember the only constant in life is charge. So change can happen from his last visit to your visit, for the better or worse.

The following Hawaii Guide Books are small enough to carry with you as a Hawaii travel companion for finding best beaches, affordable accommodations, spectacular hiking trails to hidden waterfalls, restaurants from casual to luxury.

Maui Revealed - The Ultimate Guidebook by Andrew Doughty

The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook by Andrew Doughty

Hawaii - The Big Island Revealed by Andrew Doughty

Oahu Revealed by Andrew Doughty

We invite our readers to share their favorite Hawaii Vacation Guide Book with our blog visitors. What's your BEST Hawaii Book? Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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