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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hawaii Vacations with Kids

When planning your Hawaii Vacations 2008, we can't forget about those many families traveling with kids. Kids love vacation more than anything! No school, no teachers, no homework! The best place to take your kids on vacation is Hawaii. It's a place for the kids where it's always summer. Kids never get tired of the ocean, the pool, the sun and the sand on the beach.

If you have ever taken your kids to Hawaii on vacation, then you know they will not take a break from Hawaii fun, not voluntarily and not on parents' command (kids think will miss something), until their bodies give in at nighttime. I've seen it many times kids falling asleep at dinner tables or parents' laps at Hawaii hotels or restaurants. Hawaii has them in their grip from the first minute on the beach to the last minute at sunset in the Jacuzzi.

3 Best Tips for parents on Hawaii vacations with kids

1. Kids want to have fun in Hawaii

As adults we want of relax and crash on the beach in Hawaii. Go for a swim, sunbathe (get a nap), maybe play some golf or tennis but mainly relaxation is the goal for working parents. Unfortunately, that's not what your kids want. So, why not create a few hours to provide you both what you need. Most Hawaii hotels have kids program. It's amazing what those kids programs offer. Don't feel guilty. Your kids will have fun...shell hunting, turtle feeding, watching geckos and more. Privacy for you and fun for the kids. You will appreciate quality time together even more. Most Hawaii hotels also offer babysitting or child care services by the hour by experienced child care providers. Family Vacation with kids in Hawaii2. Plan fun activities on Hawaii vacation with your kids

Research ahead of your visit to Hawaii what are the best things to do in Hawaii in the area or the hotel where you stay. The Hilton at Waikoloa Beach Resort on the Big Island offers swimming with dolphins. Naturally, those activities are booked out way in advance. Whale watching is also something you want to book ahead. Find a boat which you and your kids will feel safe and comfortable. All kids love an exotic luau show, where they are allowed to stay up at night. Most of the kids are not too shy to join the hula dancers on stage for their obligatory hula 'lesson'. Don't forget your video camera. Your kids will thank you for it 20 years later.

3. Keep your kids safe in Hawaii

Not all beaches in Hawaii or at Hawaii hotels have life guards. Make sure that your non-swimmer kids have their life vests on at all times when near the water, ocean or pool. I jumped in full clothes after a 3-year old who fell in a swimming pool at a vacation house when she was leaning over to get a ball out of the water. Things happen very fast. Also always pay close attention to ocean condition signs by the water. Red flag means no kids in the water, period! Be also aware that sunscreen washes off and needs to be reapplied several times a day. Best to take the kids out of the sun when the sun is the strongest in Hawaii 11am - 2pm. Do some quiet activities with your kids. All Hawaii gift stores carry wonderful Hawaii activities books for children for coloring, drawing and reading about Hawaii's nature.

Have a wonderful time with your kids on family vacation in Hawaii. Do as much as you can with them. Call it your Hawaii adventure or excursion or whatever. It's not lost time, on the opposite, it's time you and your kids will bond more and remember for a lifetime...vacation with Mom and Dad in Hawaii! Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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