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Monday, January 7, 2008

Hawaii Cruises

Our recent posts 2008 Vacation in Hawaii and Hawaii Vacation with Kids attracted quite a number of our blog visitors. Great to notice that we were right on with those Hawaii blog themes. We expect to step in those foot trails with our today's Hawaii Photo of the week, which shows a Hawaiian cruise ship. It is Norwegian Cruise Lines' Pride of Hawaii, and it's cruising past the West Maui Mountains on the way to Kahului on a 7-day Hawaiian Islands cruise. Hawaii photographer and travel writer Jennifer Crites photographed it from NCL's 'Pride of America', which was leaving Kahului at the same time the Pride of Hawaii was arriving.

Explore Hawaii with an all-inclusive Hawaii Cruise Vacation
So, if you like our Hawaii Photo of the Week photos by Jennifer, cruise on over to her website to see more of Jennifer's fabulous Hawaii photos. If there's a special place that you love in Hawaii, you can order a print of that romantic beach, golf course, landscape or other location from Jennifer's Hawaii stock photography. Just email her for information. And if you get married on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Jennifer would love to be your designated Hawaii wedding photographer.

We chose the Hawaiian cruise ship photo today because Hawaiian cruises have become very popular as a Hawaii vacation, especially for people who are not quite certain which Hawaiian island to visit first on their trip to Hawaii. Who can resist a Hawaii all-inclusive cruise where you can see all the major Hawaiian islands and at the same time can be on a 24/7 Hawaii vacation. No need to rent a car, decide whether you want to book a hotel or reserve a vacation rental, no shopping or cooking necessary. Your meals, drinks and snacks are taken care of. No extra expenses for fancy restaurants or entertainment shows. These are all included in your price. And the views of Hawaii and its natural beauty from the deck of the cruise are unique and spectacular!

Basically, there are three types of Hawaiian cruise itineraries. First, some Hawaiian cruises start or end in Hawaii and connect to California, Ensenada or Vancouver. Other itineraries combine Hawaii cruises with French Polynesia. The most popular type of Hawaii cruise sails entirely within the Hawaiian Islands, or begins and ends in Hawaii and includes one foreign port, such as Fanning Island, in the itinerary.

What is so great with Hawaiian cruises is that you can cruise Hawaii all year-round. Hawaii cruises typically last 7 to 15 days. Travel Hawaii offers Hawaiian Island Cruise Packages for Norwegian Cruise Line's newest ships 'Pride of America', 'Pride of Aloha', and 'Pride of Hawaii'. The Norwegian Star is the only seven-day round-trip Hawaiian ship to include the four main Hawaiian islands: Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai.

It takes some time 'cruising' Hawaii travel sites to help you find the Hawaiian cruise of your dream. When doing our own research on this blog post subject, we've found CruiseDeals.com and Aloha Destinations supplying helpful information on options for Hawaii cruises. We hope we saved you some extra clicks and time with passing on the word. When you have once cruised the islands, you will be back soon for your real Hawaii vacation on land.

We would love to hear from our blog visitors who went on a Hawaii cruise. Which Hawaii cruise ship did you use and would you recommend it to other Hawaii visitors who plans a Hawaii cruise? Looking forward to hearing about your Hawaii cruise vacation. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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