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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Best Big Island Restaurant

When answering questions about best Hawaii vacations, the question for the best restaurant on the Hawaiian island of your vacation choice comes right behind the question for the best beaches. Today we would like to introduce to Big Island visitors our favorite Big Island restaurant. Before we do that, please, be aware that the Big Island is really big and to drive to a special restaurant just for the food does not always make sense. In addition, tastes and food preferences vary - luckily - very much.

Here is one of our favorite Big Island restaurants. It's would probably be exaggerating a bit and unrealistic to call it the best Big Island restaurant. There are quite a few others which acclaim this title as well. However, let's stay with the one we would like to talk about today: the Bamboo Restaurant in Hawi, North Kohala. When you know the Big Island, you immediately notice this Big Island restaurant is a little big out of the way, namely in the northern tip of the island.

John Keawe playing slackeyguitar at Bamboo Restaurant dinner
It makes sense that tourists staying on the Kohala Coast or upcountry in the Waimea area frequently choose the Bamboo Restaurant for its old style Hawaiian ambience, great food such, as differently prepared delicious Mahimahi, and accommodating and fast service. There are many more reasons why we love it and probably other guests agree with that. First of all, the fresh seafood in different styles is a big attraction to us. Another big plus is that at the Bamboo Restaurant in Hawi, guests can choose between full entrees (mostly over $30) and the petite portion of the same meal at under $20. We love that! This allows us to enjoy an appetizer before the main meal. I don't know any other Big Island restaurant which offers this great opportunity.

We talked about the Hawaiian ambience. Anybody who has been coming to Hawaii for a Big Island vacation, knows John Keawe the famous slackkey guitar player. Hawi is his hometown. He regularly plays at the Bamboo Restaurant. So make sure to check his calendar, when planning your special Big Island dinner at the Bamboo Restaurant. He plays twice a month at the Bamboo Restaurant at no extra fees for the guests. You might also have the chance to enjoy a gracefully danced hula by his wife Hope. So, all together this dinner night at the Bamboo Restaurant on the Big Island will be special: great food, special Hawaiian entertainment and hopefully the company of good friends. Oops, I nearly forgot, the Bamboo Mai Tais and Lilikoi Margaritas are awesome!

Hope dancing a graceful hula for Bamboo Restaurant guests
For those Big Island visitors who stay in Kona, and it's too hard to make it all the way for dinner to Hawi, we recommend to combine a visit to spectacular Pololu Valley Lookout - the walk down to the ocean is a moderate 30min hike - with an afterwards rewarding lunch at the Bamboo Restaurant. We promise you it will be an unforgettable Big Island experience.
Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations
Last but not least, in 2004 the Bamboo Restaurant won the Hawaii Hale Aina Award, the highest award in the state of Hawaii!

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