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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hawaii Vacation Travel Tips

When searching the web for Hawaii vacation information, you have probably noticed that more and more Hawaii blogs show up in Google search results. The Hawaii blog community is steadily growing. We reported recently about the big variety of Hawaii theme related stories and posts one can find these days when searching for Hawaii vacation.

Today we'd like to introduce one of the new Hawaii travel blogs. The 'new kid on the block' is Beat of Hawaii, which we actually mentioned in our recent post What does a Hawaii vacation cost? and hopefully triggered your curiosity about it. Within a short period of their blog existence, Beat of Hawaii got acknowledged by Arthur Frommer, the Arthur Frommer from 'Frommer's Budget Travel' or 'Frommer's Hawaii'. That alone makes this blog stand out among Hawaii blogs.

The editors of Beat of Hawaii, Jeff and Rob, post about Hawaii travel tips, deals, events and culture. Their post topics are chosen carefully, well researched and presented in a way they attract the attention of Hawaii travelers and Hawaii blogging fellows. Their commitment, unique approach and Hawaii Travel Tips definitely got our attention. Ever since their start-up we have been following their blogging project closely and decided to have a little interview with the guys from Beat of Hawaii, currently living on the garden island of Kauai. Don't miss what Kauai Vacation Tips they have for visitors.

Visit Hanalei Bay on your Kauai Vacation Best Hawaii Vacation:
"What was the reason to start a Hawaii blog about travel tips? What is your connection to the travel, vacation or tourist industry generally?"

Beat of Hawaii:

Jeff: I’ve been active on many travel forums over the years, and decided it was time to start
my own site. In addition to writing about Hawaii, I also wanted to write about the travel industry. Travel has been a part of my life for decades. When I had my own international technology consulting company, I traveled around the world 4 times a year. I also managed travel for 30 of my consultants.

Rob: I felt it was a great opportunity for us to write about Hawaii since we live here full-time. We know what’s happening and have an insider’s perspective. Many years ago I worked in the travel industry for United Airlines. Otherwise, I’ve been an avid traveler. I started young. When I was a kid I was always planning our family vacations and writing away for travel brochures. I still remember writing to the Hawaii Visitor Bureau in grade school and the two-color brochure they mailed me (perhaps a sign of things to come!. My favorite place to
hang out as a kid was the airport to watch planes come and go.

Best Hawaii Vacation:
"What blog message do you want to accomplish by writing posts about Hawaii travel?"

Beat of Hawaii:

Jeff: Hawaii is affordable and within everyone’s reach. I want readers to feel that they are better informed consumers after reading our articles.

Rob: There’s a lot of Aloha in our state and we hope that message comes through in our writing.

Best Hawaii Vacation:
As the new 'kid on the block', is there anything you would like to change or improve within the Hawaii blog community? What do you like? What don't you like?"

Beat of Hawaii:

Jeff/Rob: Even though we’re new to the blogosphere, we’re not new to technology. It’s been exciting for us to participate in this new medium. We both appreciated the warm welcome you gave us Pua when we first started Beat of Hawaii. That’s what we like best: feeling part of a community. The only thing we don’t like happened recently. Another Hawaii blog placed one of our articles on their website, in its entrity, without permission or giving us credit.

Best Hawaii Vacation:
"We all made a decision when moving to a certain Hawaiian island. What made you choose Kauai over the other islands?"

Beat of Hawaii:

Jeff: I started coming to Kauai in 1974 and bought a condo here in the ‘90’s for business. As time went on, I was spending more time on Kauai than my home in California. About 8 years ago I sold the condo and bought a home in Kalaheo. I always found Kauai to be comfortable and a good fit for me.

Rob: My very first trip to Hawaii was in 1989. I remember a few minutes after arriving on Kauai, I felt this immediate connection. Perhaps it was a feeling of coming home since my family’s history on Kauai goes back to the 1850’s. I moved here full time five years ago.

Best Hawaii Vacation:
"As Kauai residents, what do you recommend as the 3 Best things to do on a Kauai vacation?"
Beat of Hawaii:

Jeff: Hike in Waimea Canyon/Kokee Park; Swim in the Ocean; Take a boat trip of Na Pali Coast
Hawaii sunset over Salt Pond KauiRob: Visit Kauai Museum; Check out one of the gardens (National Botanical, Limahuli or Na Aina Kai); Hike to top of Sleeping Giant

Best Hawaii Vacation:
"Which beach do you consider the best Kauai beach?"

Beat of Hawaii:

Jeff: Hanalei in Summer for its beauty. From April to October we’re there twice a week to swim miles.

Rob: Salt Pond Beach. Great for swimming. It’s also has Hawaii’s only natural salt ponds.

Best Hawaii Vacation:
"Which Kauai restaurant is your favorite restaurant and why?"
Beat of Hawaii:

Jeff: I’m not the best guy to ask. I bake my own bread, roast my own coffee and have been cooking for years. So far I haven’t found The restaurant to recommend on Kauai. I’m still searching.

Rob: My favorite is Lihue Barbecue Inn on Kress Street (not to be confused with Garden Island Barbecue on Rice Street). It’s a local place to eat, not elegant, but we always feel welcomed the moment we walk in. Their lunch specials are a good value. The same family has owned Barbecue Inn since the 1930’s.

Best Hawaii Vacation:
"What should tourists know when visiting Kauai on their Hawaii vacation?"

Beat of Hawaii:

Jeff: If you’re here longer than a week, I think it’s a good idea to split your stay between a North and South shore accommodation. This will reduce the amount of driving time and give you more chance to enjoy Kauai.

Rob: Slow down and relax.

Much mahalos, Rob and Jeff. It was fun 'talking' to you. Our best Hawaii vacation blog visitors are looking forward to reading more of your Hawaii Travel Tips at 'Beat of Hawaii'.
Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacation
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