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Monday, May 26, 2008

Hawaii Summer Vacation 2008

Aloha to all our Hawaii vacation blog visitors,
Spring is finally everywhere on the Mainland with blooms and blossoms everywhere. So it's about time to plan the summer vacation for the family, which the kids (and you!) have been waiting for all year. Can we blame them?! Hey, two long months July and August no school but enjoying all the summer fun in the sun like swimming, biking, hiking and basking in the sun all day long. Whether you will take the kids to Hawaii this summer, depends on several factors. Here are a few thoughts by the editors of Best Hawaii Vacation blog.

With the Summer Vacation 2008 approaching fast, the big question is how Hawaii will be able to keep up its top ranking as best vacation destination. July and August have always been in the past our second highest season after extremely busy winter months, when they snow birds flock to sunny Hawaii with its warm weather all year round. Not that July and August are necessarily the best time to visit Hawaii.

Summer Vacation in HawaiiWhen we wrote the above post, we made our point clear that to visit Hawaii during the biggest travel time of the year, July and August, means higher travel expenses for you, for air fares to Hawaii, car rentals and even hotels on the islands. Additionally, those two summer months are the hottest months of the year, not just on the Mainland but in Hawaii as well.

Despite of it, July and August have always been the months in Hawaii when we are used to welcome families with kids for their Hawaii vacation. This is the time when the kids are on vacation and a lot of families have no other choices. And to tell you the truth, the heat factor does not matter much. I have never seen a kid complain about the heat in Hawaii. They can hang out in the ocean for hours a day till they fall asleep at dinner at night!

OK, let's get to the basics. Is a Hawaii Vacation still affordable and how much does it cost? Remember our recent post where we questioned AAA's quote for Hawaii vacation costs of $793 a day for food and lodging alone for 2 adults?! We don't argue that Hawaii is the most expensive state to vacation in. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, any traveler from the Mainland has to get on a plane to Hawaii.

Round trip air tickets for Hawaii Summer Vacation don't come cheap these days but as mentioned in previous articles they have never been in the past. But...you can save big money on your accommodation, first when you stay at a fully equipped vacation home and second when you book your Hawaii vacation in summer but for September or October.

I know that a lot of parents are hesitant to take the kids out of school during regular school time but I also know that there are fall breaks and since those are different from state to state, this might be your best chance for a great family vacation in fall. For all those, who still want to book a Hawaii summer vacation 2008, here are two links which offered Hawaii Vacation Package Deals for Summer: Shermans Travel with Hawaii hotel discount rates for Oahu, Maui and Big Island starting at $83/nt. for Waikiki hotel and Hawaiian Airlines with more vacation deals. I also noticed when cruising those links that quite a number of Hawaii hotels advertised 20 - 30% off for June. Admitted, those LAST MINUTE Hawaii Specials are always a privilege for those travelers who have a flexible working schedule.

Let us know where you will spend your summer vacation in Hawaii and if it's not Hawaii, where will it be. If you have any feedback on round trip rates from the Mainland to Hawaii, please, share with our blog visitors. They appreciate it! Looking forward to hearing from you.
Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations June 2008
Our today's Hawaiian post girl is Amber from Wahine Style.com.

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