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Friday, May 9, 2008

What does a Hawaii Vacation cost?

Well, we all know the costs for a Hawaii vacation cannot compare with an all-inclusive vacation in Mexico! But again there is no place like Hawaii! I get really mad when Hawaii travel websites pretend to offer all-inclusive Hawaii vacations. There is not such a thing. Advertising all-inclusive Hawaii vacations is misleading and false promises. You really pay for what you get. If breakfast is included in your hotel stay in Hawaii, believe me this is not free. But let's come to the point of this post: How much does a Hawaii vacation really cost?
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Definitely not $792/day average for lodging and food in Hawaii as recently announced by the American Automobile Association AAA. Coming up with a figure like that really stirred reactions in the Hawaii blogger community and probably by all those travelers who love to vacation in Hawaii. You bet that all the major newspapers picked up on this Hawaii vacation 'quote'. We appreciate what our friends Jeff and Rob from Beat of Hawaii had to say about it in their post Conflict of Interest in AAA Hawaii Report We don't want to repeat their concerns and considerations. We warmly recommend to go and visit their blog for further details.

Here are a few thoughts from Best Hawaii Vacations editors. Nobody doubts that it's easy to spend the quoted amount of $795, actually just for lodging at any of our 5- star Hawaii Beach Resorts. However, we are talking a quote for average costs of lodging and food for a Hawaii vacation.

In all these years which we have been running our Hawaii vacation rental business and having hosted hundreds of guests, we've never come across visitors who spent $80/meal, meaning $80 for breakfast, lunch and dinner each as listed by AAA! What a luxury! The average couple visiting Hawaii probably has 2 or 3 dinners between $100 - $120 (prices at Hawaii restaurants went up quite a bit like anywhere on the Mainland) and adding that to a daily rate for an affordable fully equipped Hawaii vacation rental of $85 - $150/nt., this definitely does not add up to the AAA Hawaii Vacation quote.

Bottom line: Hawaii vacations are still possible for the average Hawaii visitor but tourists will have to set priorities. With high gas prices, those who visit Hawaii on a budget might want to limit their driving activity around the Hawaiian islands and be selective with choosing activities. Does it need to be this special helicopter flight or would a hike through a wonderful rainforest valley do? What concerns us more is the fall-out of Aloha Airlines and ATA.

Hawaiian Airline is in the process to cover those old Aloha flight routes from the Mainland to Hawaii. It was bad news for all those who accumulated thousands of miles with Aloha and lost them all. We learned to use our miles as soon as we can get a flight for it! One never knows what can happen. Hey, if you are in love with Hawaii, it's a good idea to sign up with Hawaiian for email updates to find the lowest fares the minute they are available.

And again, Hawaii business owners are awaiting you with their hospitality and aloha spirit. Come visit Hawaii. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations
Thanks Kawika from WahineStyle for our today's Hawaii post girl, another sexy girl from Hawaii! What better way is there to invite you to a Hawaii vacation?

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