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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Setting the benchmark for a good home cleaning service

How do you clean your favorite silk scarf? Or your valuable cashmere rug? Ninety-nine out of hundred people are sure to have the same answer – dry cleaning. Home cleaning needs differ from one family to another; however, most rely on professional services when it comes to cleaning certain fabrics, and obviously removing certain stains.

What dictates your choice of such a service? There is a certain benchmark in this regard. Here is a concise guide to what you need to look for in a home cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale. If your dry cleaners follow these, you have made a wise choice. If, however, there are flaws in maintaining these, you had better start looking for another service.

Are they good at the job? Their task is to clear away the dirt and stains from the fabric. If they provide clean, odor-free clothes within the stipulated time and at a reasonable price, it is a good service. On the other hand, if the clothes comes back faded or without buttons, you had better not utilize their services anymore.

Are they customer friendly? You sure don’t want a service that is incapable of returning your clothes on time. Satisfied customers mean more business, therefore, services providing Home Cleaning Fort Lauderdale stress on quality. Friendly, cooperative staff help enhance the reputation of the service.

Are they environmentally aware? Most of the cleaning services use solvents like perc in the process. Do you know that this chemical has adverse effects on your home as well as the earth’s environment? Large concentrations of this chemical can cause serious health issues and ecosystem degradation.

You need to find a home cleaning service that uses non-toxic, and non-hazardous, substances like liquid carbon dioxide or liquid silicone. You can also opt for cleaners who use the ‘wet cleaning’ method – use of water and soap (biodegradable) to clear away the dirt and stains from the fabric.

If your cleaner matches the aforementioned criteria, you are a brilliant homemaker. If not, start looking for one that does. Ask your family, neighbors or friends to recommend a particular service or go for online Home Improvement Blog to find out suitable ones for your home.

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