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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Understanding how dry cleaning affects the environment

How does your choice of a dry cleaning service affect the environment? Many find it difficult to believe that small, insignificant things like this can have any serious consequence. However, this is not true. If you were aware of the dry cleaning process and its effects, you would understand the reason eco-friendly cleaning is important. Here is a brief sketch of the connection.

After you drop off your clothes at the cleaners in Broward, or they take these away, a certain procedure initiates. The clothes are tagged, so that you get back yours and not someone else’s, and assorted. Cleaning agents are used on difficult stains. Non-water based solvents are then used to clear away the dirt and grime. After drying and ironing, the clothes are folded and ready to go back to the owner.

What happens to the solvents used in the process? They are washed away along with the dirt and grime. Do you understand the impact of this if the chemical solvents were toxic in nature? Without proper disposal methods, the chemicals are mixed in the soil, and the ground water contaminating these. If plants absorb these chemicals or animals consume these, directly or indirectly, it can wreck havoc on the ecosystem.

Do you understand the implications now? When you opt for Dry Cleaning Services Broward, the first thing you need to ask is what solvents are in use in the cleaning method. If it is something like perc, you had better avoid the cleaning service. Opt for services that use cleaning agents like liquid carbon dioxide or liquid silicone and such other eco-friendly substances.

You may come across advice to opt for clothing that does not need dry cleaning or go for home cleaning and so on. However, these solutions don’t work well in all circumstances. How are you supposed to clean wools and silks that tend to shrink without dry cleaning? Or rayon and polyester that attract stains too difficult to get rid of? Home cleaning won’t work if it is too strong a stain.

In such a situation, what you need to do is choose a dry cleaning service that offers you value for money and helps protect you as well as the environment from any hazards. Know more about green dry cleaning service from this home improvement blog post.

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