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Friday, February 25, 2011

Modern Sofa Called ‘Orca’ Sofa by Michiel Van Der Kley for Stouby

This modern sofa could not only provide comfortable relaxing but also give practical zones, This new sofa concept looks very trendy and could perfectly suit to any trendy living room designs. Thanks to a modular construction this furniture could fit to any room. Bright colors make this unusual uplostered furniture adaptable to modern interiors and it easily could to fresh any room design. Stouby has always been specialised in upholstered furniture. Have a look at Stouby’s novelties, presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair for the first time. To see more please visit their site.

From : http://www.modernchairdesign.com/modern-chair/modern-sofa-called-orca-sofa-by-michiel-van-der-kley-for-stouby/#more-3699

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