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Friday, June 11, 2010

June is the month for sunsets in Hawaii

Dear Best Hawaii vacation blog visitors,
Let's take a short break between posts about best Big Island hiking. Hiking Pololu Valley as our 'Best Big Island Hiking' suggestion, did gather momentum soon. So for all those passionate Hawaii island hikers, our next hiking tip for the Big Island is coming soon.

When our friend Bill Jardine, long time realtor on the Big Island, came up with another one of his wonderful articles about Hawaii, written with love and passion for the islands and writing skills I envy him for, I could not resist to publish it right NOW:

June is the month for sunsets in Hawaii

"There are sunsets every night. Actually, scientists might remind us that there are "horizon rises" every night, but I prefer the idea that the sun is going down rather than the horizon rising up, hurling me backward into the night at over 1,000 miles per hour! The thing with sunsets is that the ones with the ocean on the bottom have been glorified to the point that the other sunsets just don’t get the attention they deserve. The classic ocean sunset is indeed gorgeous but, really, kind of boring too.

Mountain sunset in Hawaii
Here on the Island we get plane loads of folks from the mainland who are dreaming of sitting on their very own lanai and watching the horizon gradually rise up to block the sun. Perhaps they will match the ruby red wine in their glass with the rosy western afterglow as the canopy of stars spreads far above. Before long the edge of the great Milky Way will be obvious, stretching across the heavens from upper right to lower left. Perhaps with subsequent glasses of wine they will toast the great good fortune that has guided them to this blessed place in the middle of the vast North Pacific. Indeed, it is a blessing, and we who have been able to spend our lives in all this beauty are way beyond lucky.

Ours is a very special view at sunset, because the rush toward dusk sets the mountains glowing with bright blades of gold before rendering their great flanks a warm burgundy against the gathering darkness in the eastern sky. Flocks of Warbling Silverbills fly like notes of a symphony into the shelter of the Koa trees.

Ranch land on Hawaii Big Island
We enjoy views of great, sunny pastures which are home to cattle and wild donkeys and goats who revel in the fresh trade winds that ruffle their coats and sweep away the flying insects seeking to climb aboard. In the distance are the three great mountains, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa and Hualalai, gathering cloaks of afternoon rain along their western slopes. They are intensely beautiful and seem to have personalities of their own when the sun sets over the ocean and shows its reflections on the majestic volcanoes."

As soon as I was writing Bill's article about Hawaii sunsets, I was wondering what fun it would be to collect Hawaii sunset photos from residents or Hawaii visitors. If you have one of those special Hawaii sunset, feel free to email it to us with your short description where in Hawaii you took the sunset photo. Maybe, if we get enough photos, I can publish your photos in a special "Best Hawaii Sunset Photos". I can't wait to hear from you. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations
As a start with Hawaii sunset photos, here is my contribution.

Special Hawaii sunset photo

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