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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In love with Geckos in Hawaii

Dear Hawaii visitors,
E Komo Mai and Welcome back to our special world of fauna and flora in Hawaii. The magic word today is "Gecko".

Gecko in Hawaii
Long before the insurance company Geico adopted the gecko as its mascot, the Hawaiians knew the true value of their little friend. They shared their homes with the gecko, allowing it to roam at will, eating bugs or any other not welcome insects in the Hawaiian homes. The chirp, chirp of the gecko - mostly at night because geckos are nocturnals - was and is a reassuring sound, knowing the geckos were doing their job keeping the hale (Hawaiian for house, home) free of bugs.

Now,I know a lot of visitors come to the Hawaiian Islands not knowing about the benefits of the gecko and their first complaint is, "Hey there is a lizard in my room". Well, I say that's not a lizard, that's a friendly and non-threatening gecko.

Our geckos in Hawaii don't bite, in fact they don't really like you, just leave them alone and they will serenade you with their chirp, chirp chirp and keep your hale free of bugs. Of course you have to clean up some gecko poop once in a while. Little to pay to keep your tropical hale bug free.

If you have a gecko story about your encounter with the geckos in Hawaii, please, let us and our Hawaii visitors know. Mahalo and aloha, Keoki Hawaii Vacations

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