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Friday, November 19, 2010

Tips to Clean Air Duct

How healthy you are depends on the atmosphere around you. It is necessary to make your house clean and healthy so that you don’t suffer from diseases quite often. If you want your house to be free of mold, make sure that each and every corner of your house gets fresh air. People often overlook this but air quality is one of the primary conditions of healthy environment.

Hence it is necessary that you clean the air duct annually, especially if you live in a place like Miami, conducting an annual air duct cleaning program is essential. It will ensure that you live in a healthier environment.

Many people believe that air duct cleaning is not their cup of tea and it is crucial to hire professionals to do this work. But it is not at all necessary to hire a professional for doing air duct cleaning Miami . You can effectively clean most of the parts of the system.

Here are a few tips that will help you to clean air duct.

1. First of all you should be able to recognize the signs that your air duct needs cleaning. If you notice things like mold growth, insects, infestation or small animals like mice near the system, be sure that the system requires immediate cleaning. You should also conduct an air duct cleaning if you feel that dust is blocking air flow from the vents.

2. Before you start the work you should gather all the tools at one place. Some of the tools you would require include cleaning brush, screwdriver, rag, vacuum cleaner, paper, heavy-duty cleaning gloves and a tape. It is also advised that you wear a dust mask while cleaning the air duct. This is especially true for people with asthma or mold allergies or dust allergies.

3. Start the project with removing the vent cover with a screwdriver. Next you should remove the air filter. Wash the wall and the ceiling. When you wash the inside of the duct, make sure not to use too much force. Otherwise it may get damaged. Lastly you should vacuum the air duct. If you think the filter needs to be replaced, then do so.

Cleaning air duct is quite easy especially when you follow these tips.

There are home improvement blogs and free web-resource you can consult with while finding home cleaning services. Give these a thorough look.

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