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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Your kitchen is the center of your home. This is a place where delicious meals and feasted on love and kindness shown. So the kitchen is a place that needs to be appropriately decorated with attractive designs kitchen lighting.


Lighting is what makes or breaks a kitchen. But do not worry, the quality of kitchen lighting can be easily added to your kitchen without the need for costly reparations or severe reconstruction. What you need to do is think about what they want and what you really want to do with your kitchen. And as your kitchen will be oozing style and elegance.

If you want your kitchen to hold a special place, then we must have proper lighting design kitchen. This in turn emphasizes the area of the kitchen and other appliances, making it look very professional. Unfortunately most of us believe that no light is good for the kitchen. We even end up using unnecessary lights overhead expenses that are in addition to the overall appearance of the kitchen.


There are four main types of kitchen lighting fixtures that are available. They stress, environment, task and decorative lighting. To make the kitchen usable, task kitchen lighting is used. This light is ideal for chopping vegetables with a sharp knife or reading your favorite recipes. A suitable place task lighting between the desktop and person running the kitchen.

To make the kitchen from the rest of the house, kitchen accent lighting is used. The entire working area of the kitchen is given a depth and dimension. Fittings made in a glass cabinet to highlight your fine china or glass are examples of accent lighting. Accent lighting that does not require high voltage electricity


Ambient lighting is the next type of kitchen lighting. Although this light can lead to many improvements in the kitchen, it is often overlooked. What I usually think that there is no need for additional lighting in the kitchen. But what they forget is that these lights that create a soft magical glow, which is very warm, but also moderates the shadows in the kitchen area. And to give you that feeling of home that we all crave for.

Decorative lighting is the last type of kitchen lighting. This leads to a shine to the kitchen and adds a sense of enthusiasm. But we must be very careful with him because, if overused it can make your kitchen seem confused.



This is a wise decision to seek advice from lighting designer before starting to remodel your kitchen. As designer lighting will look closely at the layout of the kitchen, and other aspects of the project as natural light, ceiling height and the finishing of the surfaces. This helps the author to find out how much light will be needed for the specific amount of space.

Your kitchen can look really good if the kitchen lights are installed properly. They turnover mood making you feel warm and cozy.


From : http://arhdecor.com/2011/kitchen-design/kitchen-lighting/ 

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