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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Bright and early on Saturday, Nellie and I headed to Pine State Lighting to meet with the owner, Keith, and talk light fixtures. Here are few we've picked out. We still have several more lights to find, and still more finagling to stretch the budget, but over all we're really pleased with the outcome of this one. Keith was very helpful - I think we thumbed through every catalog he had.

This big boy will likely go over the kitchen table and we really love this 1920's style.

Two of these will flank the front door. Smaller versions will go around the corner on the front porch and by the back door.

These are the lights we chose for the bathrooms. We really like the retro feel of the etched glass, and think that the style will go nicely with the age of the home. Plus, they're super cheap! The four bulb model will go in the hallway bathroom, and the two bulb model in the master bath to fit over the smaller vanity.

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