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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paint it black...well actuallly bamboo shoot and blackberry.

Thanks to an initially reluctantbut ultimately extremely helpfulSherwin Williams employee, we now have our colors picked out for the house.

At this point, house stuff has permeated every aspect of our lives, including Nellie's arts and crafts time. We got some paint samples today, and since it was too wet to go slap them up on the Petty House, Nellie decided to get crafty in the living room. She's crafty.

This is the basic idea for the outside of the house (actual colors vary). Miles are you cringing? The Sherwin Williams paint visualizer is great for getting ideas, but the colors online don't match the actual paint chips. Best to pick out an idea that you like and then go to the store to find colors that match. There's still some debate as to what color the door will be (maybe blue?). The ceiling on the porch will probably be a light blue. The porch deck and wooden stairs will be a slate gray.

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