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Friday, August 24, 2007

1st Best Hawaii Vacation Blog Carnival Hot Picks


Alooooooooooooooha to all our Hawaii vacation blog readers.

Our 1st Best Hawaii Vacation Blog Carnival is here. We hope all of you find something of interest for planning their next trip to the Hawaiian islands to make it your Best Hawaii vacation.

We, Pua and Keoki, the blog owners and writers of Best Hawaii vacation, decided to start with posts of our Hawaiian blog ohana (family in Hawaiian) first. Family comes first! The blog posts are just selected randomly.

Let's start with Sheila from GoVisitHawaii. She told us actually that her posts might not be good enough for the carnival. Guess what the opposite is the way. So we thought if Sheila cannot decide, we do it for her. One of her most recent posts is about how to be a more welcomed visitor by accepting Hawaiian culture, understanding a little more Hawaiian and show respect to Hawaiian residents. Who wants to act like an elepphant in a china store? Cruise Sheila's blog and you will find vacation guides, hotels & air fare specials, Hawaii vacation recommendations...all great stuff to read for planning your trip to Hawaii.

Here is another dear member of our Hawaii blog 'ohana'. Visit Cheryl's blog HawaiiVacationGifts frequently and you will find an amazing variety of Hawaii vacation related posts. This one is for pet owners who go on vacation to Hawaii. What is a vacation without your closest friend? We found these great article by HawaiiVacationGifts Take your whole family on vacation - pets included about taking your pet on your Hawaii Vacation like Paris and Oprah do. Thanks HawaiiVacationGifts for thinking of all the pet owners.

Well, have you ever wondered where the origin of the Hawaiian Aloha Shirts is? Charles from WaveShoppe tells you all about in his post about the interesting history of the Hawaiian shirts. And if you look for a Hawaiian shirt for putting in your suitcase for your Hawaii vacation, you might just find the right Aloha Shirt right there. Don't miss the great shirt selection.

Each time when visitors go shopping in Hawaii, they visit what gifts to take home with them from their vacation in Hawaii. Evelyn from HomeSpunHonolulu comes up with all the good reasons why to buy Hawaiian Macademia Nuts as a Gift. Most of all, Mac nuts are good for your health! Evelyn's Honolulu blog is a huge resource for everybody who plans a visit to Honolulu and wants to know more about the town and its people.

Planning a visit to Honolulu or Oahu, HawaiiVacationHelp might have the answers to lots of your questions about your Hawaii Vacation whether it's about activities like Pearl Harbor Tours, nightlife in Waikiki, Hawaiian luaus, food, restaurants..Eivissu knows his way around Oahu and the Hawaiian islands. All the Hawaii Vacation Help answers are in categories. So, it's easy to find what you want to know.

Well, what is a Hawaii blog carnival without mentioning Celebrities in Hawaii. As we all know Hawaii is one of their favorite 'playground'. Who can blame them? We all love a vacation in Hawaii. As we are all a little tired of hearing about Paris Hilton or Oprah in Hawaii, how about this nice post from HawaiiRama.com about Robert Deniro paying a recent visit to one of Nobu Wailiki in honolulu, which he partly owns? Hawaiirama is a enrichment to Hawaii blogosphere with blogging about Nightlife, Where to stay in Hawaii, Eating in Hawaii and more.

Bruce Fisher from Hawaii-Aloha.com has been blogging about Hwaii air fares, Hawaiian Cruises, Hotel specials for a long time. If you look into planning your Hawaii vacation, you might want to check with his blog about current or future Hawaii travel specials or Hawaii vacation packages. Here is a blog post about Pricing a Hawaii Cruise which I found interesting to our Best Hawaii Vacation visitors. Check it out.

Let's visit another blog. Julie from IdealVacationRentals blogs about places and accommodations to stay around the world but Hawaii definitely plays a major role in her blogging themes. Maui has Julie's special attention as it is the Hawaiian island where she and her husband have been coming back for their Hawaii vacation on Maui for many years. That's why they are the most trusted source about Maui on a Budget.

The Aloha Insider We don't know anyone who has visited Hawaii who hasn't been enchanted by the beauty of this lush tropical paradise and charmed by the spirit of Aloha. Whether you seek the excitement of Oahu, the action on Maui, the beauty of Kauai, the diversity of the Big Island, or the privacy of Lanai, the islands of Hawaii offer an unforgettable experience that are sure to make you want to visit again and again.

A Hawaii vacation can be mind changing with memories of a tropical Paradise! Each year many visitors to the Hawaiian Islands contemplate their options about moving to Hawaii for good. Get away from the cold and wet Mainland winters sounds like the perfect decision. Our Best Hawaii vacation blog reviewed a few aspects about relocating and moving to Hawaii and what is involved. Read first before you move.

How better can we finish our 1st Hawaii Blog Carnival than with some entertaining Hawaii videos, one a commercial video about Hawaii vacation and the other one about Elvis in Hawaii with a song from his live concert in Honolulu. Let us know what you think about our 1st Best Hawaii Vacations blog Carnival. And if we missed a blog or exciting post. This is the great thing with blogging, we can still add it.

Mahalo for visiting. Stay curious for more ideas for your Hawaii vacation. Aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Guide

One Stop Guide to Hawaii on Youtube Hawaii Videos Click this link and enjoy Surf + Sun, Hawaii's rich culture, including the traditional hula, breathtaking scenery, the explosive volcanic forces in Hawaii Volcano National Park, stunning waterfalls and more.

Let's have some fun with Elvis in Hawaii!

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