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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

First Hawaii Blog Carnival from Best Hawaii Vacations Blog


Best Hawaii Vacation blog will be hosting its first Hawaii blog carnival in 2 weeks. We invite all Hawaii blog owners or vacation or travel blogs to join the fun! As we are no big corporate blog but just a blog created by two Hawaii loving people, there is no form to fill out and 'rules' (if any) for your blog submission are very easy to follow.

Our First Hawaii blog carnival will be under the theme 'Best Hawaii Vacations Hot Picks'. So, if you have an exciting Hawaii article you want to share with everyone, this is the place and the time you can do it. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, as long as it’s about or related to Hawaii Vacations. We want to share it with the Hawaii vacation loving folks! Believe me there are lots who can't wait to visit Hawaii. We are sure you have some fantastic stories to tell them. So, come join our first Hawaii blog carnival and let's discover Hawaii together with our readers!

Deadline for your submission is 8/22/07. Our Hawaii vacation Blog carnival will be live on August 24. Check back here to see who has joined our virtual Hawaii carnival to share stories about their Best Hawaii Vacation Hot Picks.

Hawaii Article Submission Guidelines

- This is a 'blog only' carnival. Please, don't submit sites.
- Sorry but no advertisements articles will be accepted
- Any blog post that features aspects if Hawaii Vacations is welcome.
- One entry per blog. Pick your best article for Hawaii Vacation Hot Picks!
- Enticing articles have a better chance to be listed in the top of 'Hawaii Hot Picks'.
- More recent articles are preferred but not a must.
- Family friendly posts, please.
- Please, post about the carnival to send your blog readers to visit our Hawaii blog carnival.

If you agree with our Hawaii Carnival Guidelines, let's do things the easy way: Click the 'Post a Comment', write the blog post URL you want to submit to our Hawaii blog carnival + a short description (makes it easier for us when including it) in the comment window, sign in 'Other' with name and blog URL. Done! And don't forget to visit here again on 8/24/07.

Much mahalo for sharing this invitation with your blogger friends. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Mahalo and aloha, Pua and Keoki from Best Hawaii Vacations
Almost forgot URLs for HawaiiYouTube videos are welcome too.

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