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Thursday, August 23, 2007

How to comment on Best Hawaii Vacation blog

How to leave a comment on Best Hawaii Vacation Blog

Mahalo to all our readers for following us on our blogging journey on how to make your trip to the Hawaiian Islands your Best Hawaii Vacation. We were proud when we were able to announce our Best Hawaii Vacation Blog1st Birthday in July. We told you in 'About Us' that ''we'd like to close the gap between visitors and vacation hosts. Our Hawaii blog is about people's experiences, ours and our blog visitors and Hawaii residents, and what it takes for your Best Hawaii Vacation. Little things contributing to the big picture of a unique Hawaii vacation."

Now, we would like to take the next step...evolving the blog from a good read to a great place to say your opinion and hear others about Hawaii and Hawaii vacation related topics by leaving comments. In the past, we noticed again and again that the biggest obstacle for readers is that they don't know how to leave a comment.

Here are Step by Step Instructions to 'Post a Comment'

1. How get to 'Post a comment' window

There are two ways to make it to Post A Comment window:
When you are on the blog index http://kohalacoastweb.blogspot.com/, you scroll down the posts till you find a post where you want to comment. Under the post you will find the number of comments. Just click the word 'Comments'. A new window for your comment will open.

When you are on an individual blog URL like this one http://kohalacoastweb.blogspot.com/2007/08/moving-to-hawaii-vacation-for-ever.html, go to the very bottom (if there are already comments, go past these comments!) where you see 'Post a comment'. Now click 'Post a comment'. A new window for your comment will open.

2. 'Leave a comment' text window

The new window shows a box where you can type in your text comment. When leaving a website in that box, it needs to be in html code in order to show as a link. If you cannot do html, it's still OK to leave the URL. Readers can copy and paste it into their browser. The better way to leave your URL will be with 'Choose Identity'.

Under the text box, is a note for you: "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author." That means you will not see you comment immediately. As a blog owner we have to protect our blog content from spam and not blog related comments.

3. Word verification

Retype the letters you see in the box you see. This is another way to prevent spam.

4. Choose Identity

This is the biggest tool for those who take advantage of commenting to get the word out about their site or blog. Most important, click the circle for or the words 'name/URL' (not Google/Blogger!). Now the display shows Name and Web Page URL. Add your name or your business name and your URL with http://. Your comment will be displayed with that name as a link to your homepage. Interested readers can visit your site or blog right then and there! This is a great free ad for your Hawaii business.

5. Publish your comment

After Publish Comment you will see in the top of your comment in green typing that the comment will be approved by the author. If you cannot see the green typing (very rare but happens, even Google is not perfect), do word verification a second time and publish. If we get your comment twice, not a problem we will only publish once.

Again, after you hit publish, you have to see on the very top of your commenting window "Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval." If not, do word verification again.

We guarantee you after you commented once or twice, you will be an expert in 'Post a Comment.' Thanks to everybody for joining our Best Hawaii Vacation blog. We appreciate your opinion.

Mahalo, Pua and Keoki Kohala Coast Vacation Guide

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