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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Moving to Hawaii Vacation for Ever?

Moving to Hawaii Dos and Don'ts

Are you tired of the long cold winter months on the Mainland? Do you dream of warmer times, sunny beaches and a more casual lifestyle? You are not alone with those dreams. They seem to sprout like mushrooms when hotel guests are sitting in the hotel jacuzzi, looking out on the wide Pacific Ocean, sipping a Maitai when waiting for the miracle of the Green Flash to happen for them on their best Hawaii vacation.

Remember this is your vacation and moving to Hawaii seems all so easy and without any obstacles. This is just like when we fall in love for the first time. Life is wonderful!!! To discover shortcomings on our new love interest, will follow much later. Let's find the shortcomings for Moving to Hawaii before you packed the container and moved the family to their new home or rental in Hawaii. Over the years of living in Hawaii, we have seen many people come and go. Moving to Hawaii takes the right planning, and making a living in Hawaii, which allows you time to enjoy Hawaii's natural beauty, is another challenge.

Don't ever forget your dreams why you moved to Hawaii! Make your life in Hawaii as much a vacation as possible.

The following Hawaii moving considerations are for people who are not independably wealthy and still want to live their Hawaiian dream.

Moving to Hawaii Dos
Visit the Hawaiian island of your choice as many times as possible, most favorably at different times of the year, before buying property in Hawaii. Maybe, even rent for a longer period like a month to get a feel for island living, the area and its people.

Talk to as many residents in the area where you want to move to: about the community, schools, crime rate, health care, costs of living in Hawaii

Most important, make sure that you have a job when arriving in Hawaii. Hawaii jobs are mostly related to the tourism industry. Yes, there are frequently jobs available at the hotels but for some you might be overqualified and turned down.

If you have children who still go to school, make sure that the public school in the area where you intend to move to is right for them. If you suddenly face having to take your kid out of public school and enroll in private school, that can become your biggest expense ever and may jeopardize your living in Hawaii.

We mentioned before that the Hawaiian islands have a wet side (east side) and a drier west coast. House prices on Hawaii's east coast areas are about half the prices to the west coast. The same applies to house leasing prices.

Consider commuting time for yourselves or your kids. Only Oahu has a public transportation system which works well and is affordable. On the other Hawaiian islands, you depend on your own car for transportation.

Moving to Hawaii Don'ts
Don't buy Hawaii property on your first Hawaii vacation at a spur of a moment. Do your homework using the above Hawaii moving suggestions. A house on the wet but lush and green side of Hawaii, can look very tempting on a sunny, blue sky day but make sure that you can cope with frequent rain. Mold in your house can trigger allergies.

Don't just pack and move to Hawaii without having proof of an affordable rental house for your family. Research carefully the house rental situation on the Hawaiian island where you are moving to. Having to stay at a vacation rental - rents for fully equipped vacation rentals include utilities are much higher than house leases - for some longer time might already challenge your budget before having started living in Hawaii.

Don't commit to a mortgage for your house in Hawaii which is tight and based on two job income. There are no job guarantees in Hawaii either. Make sure you have enough money to pay your mortgage when you get laid off from your job at a hotel. Who ever thought that a big Hawaii hotel like Mauna Kea Beach Hotel had to be closed down?

Don't buy property at a high, as quite a many people did before the Hawaii Housing Bubble burst last year. Your chances to negotiate with seller or realtors look much better these days. Hawaii real estate has become a buyer's market again.

Read also Keoki's article about Moving to Hawaii on Hawaii Affordable Vacation Rentals. It gives you an insider perspective and how we made our dream come true to live in Hawaii. Feel free to ask your questions about Moving to Hawaii or help people with more recommendations to make their dream of living in Hawaii come true.

Aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Guide
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