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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Get a Tour of Hawaii with Hawaii photos from Honolulu photographer Jennifer Crites

Hawaiian man holding conch shellDear Best Hawaii Vacations blog visitors,
Thanks for visiting and reading our 1st Hawaii vacation blog carnival. Our web stats showed us the highest number of visitors to our Hawaii blog ever. We feel honored. We very much hope that you found useful information for your next Hawaii vacation.

Today we start a new Hawaii blog project. We thought it might be a good idea to introduce Hawaiian businesses to you. By doing this, we will show you that there are plenty of business opportunities in Hawaii besides the Hawaii real estate agent or massage therapist at a big Hawaii resort. Making your dream of Moving to Hawaii come true, it's nice to know how other people manage to make a living in Hawaii without being independably wealthy.

Today we invite you to our first interview with one of the Hawaiian Islands experienced photographers, Honolulu based Jennifer Crites. We include a few of Jennifer's photos in this post, just to awaken your interest to visit her site to see more of her Hawaii photography with Hawaii life style or Hawaiian wedding photos.

Jennifer is also an experienced travel writer. Her Hawaii related articles and photos have Surfer North Shore Oahu Hawaiiappeared in many publications, including Islands, The Hollywood Reporter, Honolulu, Hana Hou! (Hawaiian Airlines magazine), Fodor's Hawaii, National Geographic Kids, Destination Hyatt, Travel & Leisure and The New Yorker (U.S. and U.K. editions), among many others. She is the co-author and photographer of a nature book 'Sharks and Rays of Hawaii' (Mutual, 2002).

Here is our interview with Hawaii photographer Jennifer Crites:

Best Hawaii Vacations:
How did you come to live in Hawaii?

Jennifer Crites:
I had vacationed in Hawaii just once, fell in love with the Islands immediately, and returned to live on Oahu a few years later. That was more than 20 years ago, and my love for Hawaii has only grown stronger over time.

Best Hawaii Vacations:
Did the beauty of Hawaii bring out your interest in taking photos and writing articles about Hawaii or what about Hawaii?

Jennifer Crites:
Everything about Hawaii inspires me, and living here gives me the opportunity to capture the many moods of the Islands in depth. I’ve photographed the full moon rising over Diamond Head, rain showers in a forest of ferns on the Big Island, and sunsets over ancient Hawaiian fishponds fringed with palm trees. Living, writing and photographing here has also allowed me to get to know the island cultures and people. I photograph Island weddings and family portraits regularly. Just recently I participated in (and photographed) a Japanese floating lantern ceremony. I’ve thrown a Hawaiian spear, and I even like eating poi--the fresh kind, not sour poi. It goes well with kalua pork and lomi salmon, then finish off with delicious haupia (a creamy coconut jello-type pudding) for dessert.

Hawaiian beach wedding

Best Hawaii Vacations:
What's your message you want to deliver with your Hawaii photos and articles about Hawaiian lifestyle?

Jennifer Crites:
Hawaii is so much more than gorgeous beaches and scenery. Most people who vacation in Hawaii don’t have enough time to really get to know the Islands. I hope my articles and photographs will take them on a ‘road less traveled,’ introduce them to the people, lifestyle and cultures that make Hawaii unique, and let them explore parts of Hawaii they might not ordinarily see, or well-known places from a different viewpoint.

Best Hawaii Vacations:
Do you have a preferred theme when taking photos of the Hawaiian Islands and last but not least, would you give our Hawaii blog visitors a few tips for taking in photos when on their Hawaii vacation?

Jennifer Crites:

My theme is to show the real Hawaii as I see it every day. I look at old sepia photos taken in the early 1900s and think, ‘how precious these images are; they give us a glimpse into Hawaii’s past,’ and I want my photos to serve the same function: a timeless window through which we can see ourselves and our special place on the planet. By focusing on the details of our lives, photographs help us better understand our world. Yes, I would be happy to give your Hawaii blog visitors some tips for taking photos in Hawaii.
Hawaiian men on beach with torch

Much mahalo, Jennifer, for answering our questions about your Hawaii photography business. We will definitely take you up on your promise to give our Hawaii visitors some tips on how to take photos on Hawaii vacation.

So everybody who loves to take photos when on Hawaii vacation, be ready for Jennifer's post on 'How to take photos when on Hawaii vacation'. Believe us it's not that easy. You think you have the perfect shot but...you got to know what you are doing! See you at Best Hawaii vacation blog next time for Jennifer's photo tips in Hawaii.

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