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Sunday, August 12, 2007

5 Best Things to Do in Hawaii on Hawaii Vacation

5 Best Things to do on your Hawaii Vacation?Blog post is sponsored by Hawaii Ironman Kona Rentals

Aloha Best Hawaii Vacation visitors,
From our blog posts and About us you know by now that we, Keoki and Pua, are in love with Hawaii, the islands and its people. For so many people, having a Hawaii vacation is just a dream like dreaming of winning the lottery. The ones who can return year after year to their favorite Hawaii oceanfront hotel are the more privileged.

For the majority of Hawaii visitors, their Hawaii vacation is a-once-in-a-lifetime dream come true. That's the people we are here for, telling them about favorite things to do in Hawaii and everything else about Hawaii which makes their trip to Hawaii their Best Hawaii Vacation. So all of you lucky ones, please, join our efforts.

Today, we made a list of '5 Best Things to do in Hawaii'. You can approve or turn them around or choose some other ones. To make it easy on your voting. Tell us and our blog readers what you think is 'The Best Thing To Do On Your Hawaii Vacation'. We will show you some link love and include your Vote with Link to your Blog or Site right here in this post '5 Best Things to Do On Your Hawaii Vacation'

We hope to hear from many Hawaii visitors, not just Hawaii business owners, what activity they like or liked best on their Hawaii vacation. We are well aware that this list varies from island to island. So, please, when voting, let us know on which Hawaiian island you stayed or are planning to stay.

5 Best Things to Do on your Hawaii Vacation

1. Sunbathing on a white sand beach & Swimming in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

2. Snorkeling or scuba diving to see the Hawaiian Sea Life & tropical fish. Whale Watching.

3. Helicopter flight over the Hawaiian islands.

4. Attending a Hawaiian luai with Polynesian Show

5. Getting a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage or Swedish or Shiatsu, main thing...get rubbed.

What do you think? Mahalo and aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Guide
Thanks to WahineStyle.com for our today's blog post girl Vanessa.

To our blogger fellows: Don't forget to submit your post to our first Hawaii Blog Carnival about 'Best Hawaii Vacation Hot Picks'. Everything goes from a Hawaii luau you attended, a snorkel cruise you took on the islands, whale watch photo, some adventurous heliopter ride over remote Hawaii valleys or just any other Hawaii vacation story!

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