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Saturday, February 12, 2011

alfa romeo 159

Alfa Romeo 159, the compact executive car from the Italian Manufacturer has never looked sportier than in its latest embodiment, courtesy Novitec Tuners. For it sure has some snarl with the Mitsubishi Lancer is another anecdote, let us just acclaim the work Novitec has put in.

The choice was a little surprising for maximum of them with their scissors go for the petrol variants, Novitec went for the 200 hp, 2.4 liter 20 valve turbo diesel variant. It pepped up the horses by another 29 units using its Novitec’s Power rail III system and a Novitec stainless steel dual tailpipe exhaust setup. As far as the exterior trimming is concerned, a front skirting, side skirts and a rear spoiler all from Novitec have been added. The suspension kit is a Novitec stainless steel sports suspension system, which is both height and hardness adaptable.

The Tuned Alfa Romeo 159 runs on the tarmac with its Novitec N9 multi-piece 20 inch wheels enveloped with Pirelli 255/30/R20 tyres.
We all know don’t we how good the Alfa Romeo inline engines sound and with all that modification will this one from Novitec live up to that reputation , only time will tell and vis-a-vis the ‘Chinese tinge in an Italian car’ just shuffle Italian for Chinese in this quote!

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