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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hawaii Real Estate Market 2010

Dear Hawaii Vacation blog visitors,
Hawaii Best Vacation blog has always been watching closely what's going on on the Hawaii Real Estate and Housing market. This is not any different for the 2010 Hawaii Real Estate Market. There is no way talking about Hawaii vacation and ignoring trends of Hawaii Real Estate. Why? Because when you once fell in love with the Hawaiian Islands, there comes a day that you are looking for your own piece of Paradise, a condo on Maui or a townhouse on the Big Island on the sunny Kona Kohala Coast.

Our 2009 Hawaii real Estate posts like 2009 Hawaii Real Estate market analysis or 'Is it a good time to buy a Maui condo NOW?', received top attention. Let's stick with the tradition and ask our friend Bill Jardine from Big Island Buyers Brokers what he thinks about the 2010 Hawaii Real Estate and any trends he sees. Today's article is beyond winning a Hawaii vacation with Hawaii Sweepstakes. If you consider buying Hawaii Real Estate in 2010, keep reading Bill's guest article:

The Hawaii Buyer's Market is likely ending soon

"January has brought us a fresh perspective as the year 2010 stretches out before us in all of its mystery and promise. There seems to be an anxious prognosticator behind every tree these days, and predictions are all over the board as usual. For many this is a time of planning, and wouldn’t it be nice to know what lies in store for the months ahead?

The author of 'The Black Swan' Nassim Nicholas Taleb, has taken a really hard look at our ability to predict the economic future and has noted that those with the highest degree of self-regard do the most poorly at predicting by far! Since I have virtually no pretensions at knowing anything about the future, perhaps you will take my predictions more seriously.

We are experiencing a mini-rerun of the financial inflation that preceded the crash of the financial markets a couple of years ago, and various magazine writers have published articles warning investors to keep their wits about them as this re-inflation occurs...(Editor's note: Bill allowed us to skip this paragraph about economic details for slowdown)

What this means to you is that there likely will be a gradual housing bubble growing over the next couple of years, and bank stocks should do quite nicely until the new bubble bursts. In the meantime, expect very low interest rates and improving real estate prices as a result. I have been listening a whole lot to the chatter of my fellow brokers in the West Hawaii market and find everyone pretty much on the same page. Hawaii real estate inventory is shrinking, prices are still low and expectations are that within the year we will see the return of a more attractive Seller’s market.

If you have entertained thoughts about joining us here in Hawaii you might better get on your hobby horse and dig in your spurs. The read is that this incredible buying opportunity in Hawaii is coming to its natural conclusion, and you may well regret missing super low interest rates and super low prices. For the many of us anticipating retirement, things may be a bit more serious. The Baby Boomers will soon begin retiring, and if one-percent (1%) of them decide to live their warmer years in Hawaii, we will have to build 70,000 new units to accommodate them. Yikes!

If you would like to talk-story about any of this stuff please feel free to call or drop me an email any time. Aloha, Bill Jardine, Big Island Buyer's Broker"

Well, this is what a longtime, experienced Hawaii realtor thinks about buying Hawaii real estate in 2010. We won't know for sure whether this will come true until the year 2010 is over. For now, we are grateful that Bill shared his opinion with us.

Here are a few tips for the motivated Hawaii home or condo buyers from the editors of best Hawaii Vacation blog. Don't just look from afar but come visit Hawaii this Spring 2010. Of course, you need to do your homework and determine the Hawaiian island of your choice, condo or house/townhouse, vacation rental (higher taxes) or not, price range you can afford + stick with it (no offense, Bill, but realtors have a tendency to show clients very nice properties, which they cannot afford) and don't forget to investigate future Hawaii property taxes or condo maintenance fees. Visit Hawaii for catching the wave of Hawaii real estate buyer's market 2010 as long as it lasts. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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