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Friday, July 30, 2010

Room For A Little One?

I'm constantly redesigning spaces in my mind, and at the moment I'm thinking about my daughter's bedroom. We have a box room that I imagine a lot of people would be put off by, considering its tiny proportions. Me however, I see it as a fantastic little mega-storage-creating project/challenge (for my husband)! Think built in storage, built in bed, drawers, desk, the works. Everything a little girl (and her mum) could wish for...and how easy would it be to keep tidy? I love this bedroom found in Living etc. The bed (above) is just what I have in mind.

I also adore this nursery by Will Meyer (found in Domino magazine). I love the dark wood panelling and use of the arco lamp (available from the Conran Shop). Best start saving!

Perfect for sharers. Found on desire to inspire blog.

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