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Friday, July 30, 2010

Why Do We Need Non-Toxic Mattresses?

Organic and natural mattresses are very popular nowadays in the mattress market. Many people could not wait to get their hands on an organic or a natural bed. However, these mattresses are usually quite expensive. Some of them are even more expensive than memory foam mattresses. As you know, memory foam beds are anything but cheap.

So why should you spend a lot of money on a non-toxic mattress? What are the benefits?

It benefits our health

Because of the natural materials used to create the bed, these mattresses are better for our health. Off-gassing is one of the problems presented by mattresses with chemical composition. This happens when the common chemicals incorporated in the mattress interact with household fungi. A chemical reaction process happens. This leads to the creation and emission of toxic nerve gasses.

According to experts, toxic nerve gasses are harmful to the functions of our brain. Our brain, after being exposed to these gasses, slows down in its production of serotonin. Serotonin helps keep a good balance between our brain and body functions. This condition might even lead to death. For the sake of avoiding off-gassing, non-toxic beds should be used.

It benefits the environment

Most of the materials used in the traditional types of beds cannot be recycled. Most recycling centers all over the world do not recycle mattresses. The polyurethane foams in the bed can harm our ozone layer if these are incinerated. As a result, old mattresses are dumped in the land fill.

In this day and age, most of us are aware of the increasing deterioration of Mother Earth. We should all take part in its preservation. Start by choosing your bedding products carefully. Picking those products with more natural materials is better. These beds are renewable and recyclable.

What You Should Consider

But despite the benefits of using these mattresses, you should be wary of those fake organic or natural beds. Some companies label their products organic. But these mattresses still contain polyurethane and other chemical components. When you are choosing, make sure you know what ingredients and materials have been used to make the bed. The company should justify the organic and natural composition of the mattress.

Investing in these types of mattresses is ideal. Most of them also last long. You can use the mattress for up to 25 years. So choose wisely and experience the benefits of non-toxic mattresses.

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