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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ingenious Low Budget Family Home in Spain

zig zag architecture Ingenious Low Budget Family Home in Spain
Ingenious Low Budget Family Home in Spain

Building a house for 6 families (10 adults and 8 children) with a low budget is an incredible challenge. This is why we decided to show you the “Candela House”, an amazing looking compact home in Spain, by Zigzag Arquitectura built in a beautiful and remote location, surrounded by mountains. The initial plans for this house wanted to capture the nature of the incredible near-by landscape. Perhaps you can see the resemblance of this building’s exterior to a hollow mountain with many eyes- this was the main idea behind the project’s design. It is said that all rooms have great views and that the large windows act as good intermediaries. A stylish porch is links the interior with the open spaces outside the construction. The materials were all adapted to the requests of the region- for example it was mandatory that the architects used flat concrete tiles for the roof, which had to go with the overall design.- via Designboom

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