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Friday, July 9, 2010

A trip to Pedlars, Notting Hill

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out in the sunshine outside Pedlars' Notting Hill branch and chatting to the stylish shop's co-founder, Charlie Gladstone (his wife Caroline, who wasn't there, being the other co-). 

I was interviewing him for a feature due out soon, so you can read more about it then.

Long-term readers will remember me blogging about
my 'Will Patrons Kindly Refrain' poster, which was the first thing I bought from Pedlars, after stumbling across their mail-order cataglogue a couples of years ago. The Gladstones have got an interesting story and a great eye - even though I do say so myself (having had a fresh rummage around the shop, I discovered I have three Pedlars items in my kitchen alone, though sourced before I knew it existed).
I'd recommend them all:

Cute and really good egg-timer £7.95
(though mine was a present many years
ago from my very stylish friend Camilla)

(see my buying dilemmas here)

£12.95 - though mine came
free via my friend Stefanie's granny.

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