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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've made my decision.........

Thanks to the gorgeous Maria over at Dreamy Whites, I've made my decision on what to do with this old cabinet:

Maria recently posted these stunning pics of her own cabinet (note to self - must try to take better pics, Maria always does such a great job with hers) and it was just perfect for what I had in mind. She painted the interior a combination of white and pale grey, which gives just the right, not-too-perfect finish to complement the cabinet's original patina.

must also track down a collection of grain sacks so my cabinet can look this good!

just right - perfectly imperfect

Thanks must go to Maria for letting me use her lovely photos. If you haven't already (and I find that hard to believe - her blog is hugely popular, and I'm sure you can see why!) go and check out her blog. She's also guest posting over at Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which is a now on my list of must-reads too.

So, I know what I'll be doing this weekend! I'll do my best to get it finished so I can show you the result next week. 

Have a great weekend everyone,

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