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Friday, May 20, 2011

2011 Audi TR8

Judging this tuning package on the project name alone would lead anyone to believe that Project Kahn had worked on another kit for the Audi R8. Take a close look at the images provided and any Audi lover will tell you that this is simply not the case. Although the vehicle you see before does come with the face of an R8, the body actually belongs to its younger brother, the Audi TT
The TR8 project seems to be the kind of project that could provide any TT owner a chance to look like a baller without actually spending the cash needed to back it up. The package started with a 2.0 FSI Audi TT and then escalated with the use of new front and back vented bumpers with mesh inserts and a new front grille fashioned to look like the ones found on the R8. What really makes the tuning package are the R8 style side blades that we guess, at a quick glance, can make a small number of people think they just saw an R8 go by. Other additions to the exterior are a new rear spoiler, a stainless steel quad exhaust system, sports lowered suspension springs, and a front lower bumper lip and door mirrors in a billet steel finish to match the dark gray exterior paint of the Audi. The shiny factor is taken care of with a new set of 20" RSV alloy wheels. For further customization, the TR8’s interior can be altered using a complete bespoke interior design service available to suit individual tastes.
A lot of work was put into the exterior of the car, but that’s where the similarities - if you can really call them that - to the R8 end. The TR8 is simply all bark and no bite with only 200 HP and 207lb-ft of torque coming out of the 2.0L FSI TT engine which is a far cry from the R8’s 430 HP and 317 lb-ft of torque.


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