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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Panel wall So Aperture

WALL border with outer space it uses fiber-cement board. The shape of the three panels that can open the lid by using the hinge pivot. This is apparently what makes the family room that looks unusual.

See more observant. The panel of board GRC (Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete) that apparently can be opened wide. Family room to get the expansion because of overlooking a garden with fish pond out there. Aperture it creates the impression of space inside and outside the union. Air flow, expel heat into cold air.

On the left and right panels placed a transparent glass window. With the glass, if the panel is closed, the room still gets enough sunlight.

Andra Matin, architect, designed this space with a simple design and open. Of course also be adjusted with the overall concept of this two-storey house. Every room is always the aspect of light, efficient, and functional.

Net impression was through the use of neutral colors are bright white. In addition, the room seemed spacious with a void. The furniture is three sofas, each with one, two, and three seats.

Get together with family members or relatives in the room 3.2 m x 5m it feels good.

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