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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Open concept Living Room

The concept of the living room is open and natural. This room seemed to be outside. The atmosphere is different from the other.  

Uniting outer space with space inside, can be done in various ways. One way is to create a room with an open concept and natural as possible. This concept, among others, can be applied to the living room. Therefore, it can give a different impression for guests.

Without the existence of walls and doors, this room really feels open. The living room became very rich in light, and cool air to flow freely. Natural impression emerging from the display space that seemed unfinished.

Ceiling space in the form of processed wood dolken without finishing. Similarly, the living room wall with an area outside the house. In addition to the framework dolken, the roof sweetened with a white mosquito net. Installation corrugated, following the cavity in the wooden frame. Cement-covered wall just left without color. Besides natural look, also impressive unique.

Good interior room adjusted. Made simple. There was a set of rattan furniture, wood brown. Accessories in the form of some plants in pots. The room also appear natural and open, but still impressive warm. Sitting in the living room also seemed on the patio or yard.

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