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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Family Room Warm and Familiar.

MANY homeowners today that enable the family room as well as the living room. Guests families who are already familiar, are often taken straight to the family room.

The main function of the family room is a place to gather and move together. This makes the arrangement of the familiar and comfortable space is absolutely necessary. Creating such an atmosphere could be the selection of furniture and color of the room.

The main furniture that should be there is a sofa. You can choose two or three seats. Can also use the couch "L". Complete with a coffee table also for a place serving snacks and drinks.

In addition, place the buffet cabinet that can also be used as a place to put the audio visual devices. The rest you are free to decorate the room with various accessories. Note the arrangement of accessories, so the room does not seem too crowded.

For color, you can apply a blend of warm colors. As this family room for example. Warm colors like red yellow and chime in here. Yellow color was applied to the walls, sofa cushions, and benches. While the red color applied to the two-seat sofa. See, this family room memorable familiar, right?

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