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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fresh with Green Color

Green is one of the most easily accepted color eyes. The impression created is cool and fresh atmosphere. Apply the color green in the room also can provide natural shades.

Structuring the corner of the family room is modern in style. In this room is placed a single sofa sofa L and green color theme. Equipped with a triangular glass coffee table, the room feels more comfortable with a pillow.

Structuring a pillow as well as a decorative room element. The pillows of various colors, sizes, and motifs arranged so that a neat and unsightly. The family room is in an area measuring 2.5 mx 2.5 m. In order to seem more spacious, a large mirror mounted on one wall of the room. As an accent, on the other wall hung a yellow ivory curtains. Organdy curtain made ​​from a type, also serves to fill vacancies at the walls.

If observed, all the elements in harmony despite the room has a variety of colors, shapes, and motifs. Harmony comes from proper application of color space filler material. There are three dominant color of each "interaction", ie white, green, and brown. All three are combined with one another that leads into a modern and beautiful impression.

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