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Thursday, May 19, 2011

FAB Design's Cadillac Escalade Proves Money Can't Buy Taste

Swiss-based tuning firm Fab Design will no doubt raise a few eyebrows with its most recent work on the Cadillac Escalade. Roland Rysanek, the owner of the aftermarket company, which specializes on Mercedes-Benz models, found himself in front of a dilemma when asked by a North African client to modify the heavyweight American SUV.
Rysanek eventually accepted the job, as the eccentric owner was a loyal client with plenty of Fab Design Mercedes models parked in his garage. Anything for a devoted customer, right? Well, this particular client wanted the car to look like no other Escalade and to have an interior lined with genuine snake leather and crocodile-imitating leather – lots of it.
However, this decision attracted the fury of animal rights group Pro Wildlife, which said too many snakes are being tormented for the sake of luxury lovers. Roland Rysanek replied that the leather used on the car comes from snakes that have been killed without causing them pain.
Moving away from the wild cabin, the Fab Design Escalade sports an equally shocking exterior. Nothing has been left untouched: the headlights, colossal grille, the large round fog lights, taillights, rims, obscured tailgate glass (why?), bumpers and the list continues on and on. Even the massive side sills are unique as they lower down when the doors open, thus acting as stepping boards.
Under the hood, Fab Design kept the Cadillac Escalade’s stock 6.2-liter V8 engine, which pumps out 409 horsepower. The owner did not reveal the price he paid for the transformation of the Escalade into the vehicle you see pictured below.


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